Ascension Is Beginning Now: 6 Signs We Are Entering the 4th Dimension

Are you concerned or confused by the massive changes taking place on our planet right now? Are you wondering what in the world is going on with human beings? If so, my YouTube video for today will help you a lot!

In this video, I explain why it is so important to spiritually awaken right now. Humanity and our planet are in an accelerated ascension process right now, and we are collectively on our way to a higher level of consciousness — for whoever chooses to go there. But it’s not always an easy process…

So let’s demystify ascension and explore how it is a natural part of our human and planetary evolution. Plus, I’ll share with you 6 signs that we are already entering the fourth dimension.

Now why should this matter to you?

Well, because if you understand this, you will find your journey to be sooo much easier! We are all experiencing the massive changes and upheaval going on throughout our world right now. This is only going to intensify.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you understood more about what is actually happening? Then you would know how to stay grounded, centered, and positive.

It’s so much better to feel positive and confident about your place in all of this. That way you can focus on continuing to move forward and making positive changes in your life, without being thrown off course.

It’s urgent to wake up now and get your bearings. I’m a big believer in proactivity, and not waiting until you are so far behind spiritually that it becomes increasingly difficult to catch up and close the gap. My entire goal is for you to have peace and certainty in your life.

Have you seen some of the signs that we are entering a higher dimension of consciousness? Leave a comment over on YouTube and let me know 💗