To Feel Beautiful, You Must be Connected to Nature

February 26th, 2017 | 25 comments
To Feel Beautiful, You Must be Connected to Nature

Technology has in many ways convinced us that we don’t really need nature, except on special occasions. But what have we lost as individuals by inadvertently believing this? If nature is last on the list of our individual priorities in life, then we are on a path of diminishing the pure essence that makes us special as human beings.

You see, we are completely, wholly, and totally a part of the natural world. We are an integral part of a massive ecosystem of life, that includes stars, planets, galaxies, and beyond. How strange it is that we find it acceptable to erase the beauty of nature from our personal lives.

I’m sure that you are already well aware of the beauty of the outside world of nature, such as what can be found in the kingdoms of mountains, lakes, forests, oceans, and the beautiful sky overhead.

But what about the beauty of you in your natural state? And what happens if you choose to disregard that beauty?

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How to Connect with the Fairies

May 23rd, 2016 | 26 comments
How to Connect with the Fairies

You have probably felt fairy energy many times before, and just didn’t realize it. It’s that magical feeling when you walk through a quiet forest and hear only the melody of nature’s sounds. It’s the sparkling, enlivened energy that you feel when you sit by a brook, or the joyful experience of walking among fresh wild flowers growing in a meadow.

Fairies are everywhere in nature, and are an essential component of the health of our planet and the universe. They are nature’s angels who watch over and guide plants, animals, birds, and all of the natural elements. Sometimes fairies can even act as guides for humans. Especially if those human beings are deeply connected to and respectful of nature.

Fairies are elemental beings of light who are much closer to the physical world than angels. This is why they can sometimes display physical evidence of their energy. Their bodies are of a higher vibrational energy than purely physical beings, but they can sometimes shape-shift into a visible presence for those who are gentle, sincere, and respectful of them and their important role in nature.

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