Focus on This First Step to Manifest What You Want

In order to manifest anything in your life, especially when it comes to big changes, it is most important to be clear about your destination. It’s not enough to be vague and general, such as saying “I want more money” or “I want a better relationship”. You need to have a clear, specific vision that you can focus on with your mind, your heart, and your energy.

This vision exists as an image of a goal that you can hold firmly in your mind’s eye. The nature of that goal is all important, because it can make the difference between your success or failure in reaching it.

When you choose a vision or a goal for your life, make sure that it aligns with you as a unique individual. Make sure that it aligns with your heart and with what you personally value. Here’s why this is important:

It is vitally important that you love your goals. You will only be able to love your goals if they are aligned with you.  This matters greatly because you will need the sufficient desire to follow through and achieve them. Without the fuel of intense desire, you will likely be overcome by distractions and resistance to change. You are very likely to procrastinate and even quit. (This is why New Year’s resolutions rarely work.)

So the most important first step when you want to manifest anything is to determine what are the right goals for you. Make sure that you can love that goal or vision with all your heart, and that it makes you happy to just think about achieving it. This is how you dramatically increase your chances of success at manifesting what you want in life.

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