How to Evolve Rapidly (And Why You Must!)

Let’s talk about how to evolve rapidly on a spiritual and physical level, and why it’s so important that you do this now, so you can take full command of your soul’s journey at this particular time.

We are at a point now where we’re going to have to make some decisions for ourselves on an evolutionary basis as individual souls.

We’ll begin with a subject that’s rarely mentioned around spiritual awakening: What is the context within which we are trying to evolve?

Context is the space within which you experience yourself. As I discussed in my last video, the parameters of that space dictate what is and is not possible for you.

Here on Earth, we live in what I call an “Earth-based context”. All of our reference points are primarily those we experience through our five physical senses. If it’s not something we can connect with through our physical senses, we tend to categorize it as, “well you know, that’s esoteric, that’s abstract, that’s spiritual”, meaning something out there, something you can’t see, something you can’t prove, something you can’t recognize.

We don’t have a lot of room or space to expand and grow. This is why, in that context, we tend to refer to our higher selves as being “out there somewhere”. There is no room in this tiny Earth-based context for our higher selves to manifest.

Yet you need to be that higher self today!

In this video, I talk about where this could potentially go, and why you need to wake up to your higher self, to a more expanded consciousness, so that you can start to make conscious choices about your soul’s larger journey.

You have a choice right now. You can stay limited in this Earth-based trajectory. Or, you can redirect yourself as an individual, in terms of your spiritual evolution, physical evolution, and soul evolution. And it’s important to know what you are actually choosing…