Make this Powerful Shift in Consciousness to Make Manifestation Easier

I want to talk to you about a very significant paradigm shift that you can make, which will expand your ability to manifest and to evolve spiritually and personally.

We need to shift from an Earth-based context to a universal context. This means that we each need to begin living as citizens of the universe, as citizens of the cosmos.

Why does this matter? Both of these ways of living are a “context for your life”. Each context has within it a certain mandate for life — a mandate for why you exist at all, a mandate for why you are alive. And this is so important because these mandates determine what is actually possible for you.

If you only have an Earth-based context for your life, you’re going to find that your life is one of struggle.

Watch the full video below to learn why context makes a difference, and discover a simple meditation technique that will get you started…

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