How Preparing for Ascension Can Accelerate Your Ability to Heal

Let’s talk about ascension, advanced human evolution, and how preparing for ascension can accelerate and facilitate your ability to heal yourself on every single level.

To begin, let’s answer this question: What is ascension?

There are two types of ascension. One is the ascension of consciousness, which refers to raising your consciousness and experiencing a massive spiritual awakening. Here, you learn to raise your consciousness to a much higher level of intelligence, perception, and love.

The other type is what I call full-spectrum ascension. Full-spectrum ascension involves raising the vibration of your entire physical body so you become capable of interdimensional existence.

This is not something we see on planet Earth at the current time. However, it is something that we are evolving towards.

When you expand your consciousness to a universal context, a new level of experience becomes available to you. You can actively prepare for advanced evolutionary processes like ascension.

Preparing for ascension is how you learn to be fully present as your infinite self physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And, it produces accelerated forward movement in your life.

In this video, I explain how and why the work you do towards ascension advances your ability to heal in every way.

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