The Truth about the Ego & Its Hidden Agenda in Your Life

Did you know that the ego has a hidden agenda? And that agenda is actually the source of all suffering. So today I’m going to explain to you what the ego is, what its agenda is, and what you can do about it in your own life.

You know that self you’re always trying to fix? That self you’re always trying to make better? That’s not even you! That’s your ego.

Let’s look at how the ego gets created, and what the fundamental physics are that lead to its appearance. And then I’ll show you how you can begin to address its manifestation in your life on a conscious level, now that you’re aware of how it gets defined.

Gaining this clarity makes it so you can evolve, so you can be more fulfilled, and so you can feel happier overall.

I hope you found this video helpful. Let me know on YouTube if this has shed light on any struggles you’re having!