Two Things You Can Do to Raise Your Vibration in Any Situation

In today’s video, I share the most effective, powerful way to raise your vibration. I’ll also show you two surprising things you can remember that make it so much simpler and easier to maintain a high vibration on an everyday basis.

A high vibration is a match to love, light, and positive energy. A low vibration matches things like negativity, unhappiness, sadness, depression, and boredom. There’s a spectrum of energy from high to low.

You, in truth, are a high-vibrational being of love and light, and as a result your goal is to raise the vibration of your entire Earth-based medium to match who you are as a Light being as closely as possible. This is the reason that it’s so important to focus on raising your vibration.

The biggest mistake that people make when trying to raise their vibration is this: They try to start from wherever they are by saying, “OK, I’m just going to raise my vibration. I don’t know how I’m going to make that happen, but somehow I will figure it out.”

Watch the video to learn how to solve this, and discover the two simple things that make it so much easier to know what to do to boost your vibration in any situation.

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P.S. I created a quick, 5 minute video with affirmations to raise your vibration and confidence for manifestation and reaching your goals.