What are Telstar transformational events?

Saratoga's story Part 4

Telstar transformational events consist of various processes created by Saratoga and Telstar to help further your personal evolution and that of our planet. These processes can take a number of different forms, such as audio programs, video programs, teleseminars, webinars, written programs, or occasional live events with Saratoga and Telstar.

We also offer one-of-a-kind, highly customized events that may consist of a combination of any of the above. Such events are handcrafted by Saratoga, and may include additional items such as stones and crystals.

All of our events have one thing in common. They each include a powerful, energetic component that is unique to Telstar. This energy component has been evolved and expanded by us for over 20 years, and is one of the main things that sets Telstar apart. Less than one percent of Telstar’s communication is in the words that are spoken. The greatest power of Telstar’s impact lies in the profound, transformational energy that imbues everything we do.

Every one of Telstar’s events is designed to take you from point A, where you are right now, to point B, a place that is far more expanded, successful, and conscious on your evolutionary path in life.

Saratoga Ocean channels Mikhail (a.k.a. Archangel Michael) at a live event in 2015.
Saratoga Ocean channels Mikhail (a.k.a. Archangel Michael) at a live event in 2015.

If some of these processes are recorded or written, why do you refer to them as events?

Saratoga's story Part 4

The word “event” signifies something specific and important with a special focus. The energy of every Telstar event is focused on a specific evolutionary outcome. Each event is produced in a global context, in full acknowledgement that as human beings we are all one. Thus any process that is contained in a specially named Telstar event, immediately impacts planetary evolution. In other words, every single person matters. A transformational change in one person’s life exists as an evolutionary event for the planetary whole.

How can I participate in one of Telstar’s events?

Saratoga's story Part 4

You are very welcome to participate in any new Telstar events when they are released. However, we do not offer these events and programs through our website. In order to be notified of a new event or program when it is released, you must be on our mailing list. Just click the button below to receive notifications and special invitations to participate.

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My time with Telstar has been, and continues to be, a life-changing experience. Every event in which I have participated has provided me with a very real understanding of myself. Over time I have begun to develop a personal deep knowing of who I am, where I am, and my purpose for being. I have always felt supported with the most profound love, beauty, and joy.

Telstar strikes the heart with clarity as pure as the most beautiful ring of an ancient bell. Simple truth.

- Marianne La Rose - London, Ontario

I can’t imagine not ever being involved in a Telstar process. It’s like touching the hand of God, and feeling that presence of light in my life that is never ending, loving, and supportive.

- Grace So, CEO, Oasis Resource Center

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