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What’s your “Happiness Plan”?

If you don’t know EXACTLY what you want and how to set the RIGHT goals to get you there, this is what you’ve been missing...

Watch the video below to discover a main key to happiness and success:

Get my complete 10-step system for setting Goals that Make You Happy

Don’t wish and wait for things to change. Create the change you want.

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It’s time to say goodbye to boring goals.

I believe that goals are the key to happiness, and crucial to living as an empowered, purposeful creator. Having clear and effective goals is the secret to starting every day with direction and motivation.


But boring goals, approached as a to-do list of things you ought to do, aren’t inspiring at all. Great goals grow out of what matters most to you, personally. They let you set the standard for your own experience.


I have identified 10 steps to set goals that inspire and exist as a radiant expression of you. I built the Stepping Stones to Happiness program to help you complete each of these steps, so you can choose and reach motivating, whole-life goals that bridge the gap between where you are today and the life you most want.

Here’s what Stepping Stones to Happiness gives you

  • Develop a complete vision for the life you want

    Create a vision grounded on your values and embracing your dreams. Know the exact changes to make that will bring you the greatest level of fulfillment.

  • Increase your self-awareness

    Get a system for self-evaluation that lets you pinpoint exactly what matters most to you and where your life is out of alignment with that, so you can confidently set goals that you know will bring the happiness you seek.

  • Plan for achievement

    Make an approachable plan to achieve all of your goals. I walk you through translating your vision into a step-by-step schedule for what to do each week and month to make it a reality.

  • Manifest with power

    Do you practice manifestation or visualization? Take your work with the Law of Attraction to a new level by setting goals you are emotionally invested in achieving, as part of a clear, inspiring picture of what you want to manifest.

  • Bring all the pieces together

    Do you sometimes feel like your life is run by a to-do list of other people's priorities, and you have to “steal time” for what you care about? Stepping Stones to Happiness helps you connect all the dots between each part of your life in alignment with your core values and vision. Enjoy the harmony and synergy as all the pieces fall into place according to your vision.

  • Save yourself decades of struggle and confusion

    Use the process repeatedly to choose and reach new levels of goals with clarity and inspiration. The greatest change comes when you approach goals as a lifestyle, not a one-off activity. Once you get in the habit, I guarantee you’ll never go back.

  • Release yourself from past mistakes and missed opportunities

    I show you how to start anew and approach your future as a clean slate — and you’ll get a great tool for this in my exclusive “Meditation for Clarity” (only available in this program).

  • Stay in command, no matter what

    What do you do when the unexpected gets thrown at you? Learn how to reset, reconnect to why you are pursuing your goals, and update your plans to reach your destination by a new route, even if “life happens”.

Tools you can use for life

Stepping Stones to Happiness is a complete system and training for setting the most effective goals you’ve ever had. Here’s what you get when you start today:

An in-depth workbook for creating your goals

This beautiful, 45-page professionally-designed workbook is immediately available for you to download and start using. It takes you through each of the 10 steps with simple written instructions and plenty of space to write your ideas.


The workbook can be printed out and completed by hand, or you can enter and save your writing directly in the PDF file. Plus, you can go through the program as many times as you like, whenever you wish to review and update your goals and vision. Just download a new, blank copy of the PDF to work with.

Audio coaching for each of the 10 steps

Each of the 10 steps has an accompanying audio track, in which I give you guidance, context, and encouragement to complete the step effectively.


We’ll walk through every step together, as you clarify your core values, evaluate the changes you want to make in life, and set actionable and time-based goals to achieve them. It’s like having your own private, on-demand workshop with me in your pocket, available anytime you want.


You can stream the audios online inside your member's library from anywhere in the world, or download the mp3 files to listen offline on your computer or iPod. I want you to have total freedom to go through the program in the style and setting that works best for you.

Guided meditation for clarity and focus

Setting goals effectively is best done with a clear mind and heart. I don't want you to feel hampered by limiting past experiences or beliefs.


So, I have also included a special guided meditation you can use to reset your energy and come to a space of mental clarity and calmness whenever you wish. This is the perfect preparation for setting your goals with inspiration and unencumbered focus.


Stepping Stones to Happiness

The Magic of Setting Goals

Order now and get immediate access to the 45-page PDF workbook, 10 accompanying mp3 audio coaching tracks (plus introduction), and the guided meditation.

  • All materials available to download instantly

  • Stream audio tracks online from anywhere in the world

  • Re-use the training and PDF workbook as many times as you want


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