Photo of spiritual teacher Saratoga Ocean in front of an impressionist painting of a pond with water lilies.

Saratoga Ocean is an author, speaker, channel, and transformational life coach. She has coined the phrase “radical spirituality” to describe a profound shift in consciousness that can lead to outcomes for individuals and for the planet that were previously unimaginable.

Her work is revolutionary and will challenge you in ways you never imagined, as you learn to leave your former beliefs about reality behind and discover something truly miraculous!

Saratoga is also the author of several books, including The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear and A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael. She has functioned professionally as the exclusive channel for Telstar, a cosmic interdimensional force of nature and evolution, for over twenty-five years. During this time, she has led hundreds of workshops and seminars online and in person across the United States and Canada.

Saratoga’s blogs, social media posts, and email messages are enjoyed by tens of thousands of people worldwide each week.

She currently lives with her family in southeastern Virginia.

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