The 3 Keys to Manifestation

March 14th, 2017 | 7 comments
The 3 Keys to Manifestation

What is the one thing that everyone wants, above and beyond all else? We each want to be able to manifest the life that we truly want to live. That might involve big changes, or small changes. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we experience our power as creators to direct our consciousness into whatever manifestation we want to experience.

Why is it so difficult to manifest what we want on a conscious level? The truth is that we are manifesting all the time. But it is usually a random, unconscious affair over which we believe we have little or no control.


What is the cause of unconscious manifestation? 

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Unconscious manifestation starts with a belief that we have no power. It starts with a belief that something else, something invisible, controls our fate.

This belief positions us to be passive, which puts us in a reactive state. The natural outcome of adopting this belief is that we withdraw our creative energy from our lives. We are therefore more apt to defer to our unconscious  routines and what others tell us is possible to determine the outline of our lives.

Look at it this way. If you believe you have minimal power to effect change and positive manifestation in your life, it is like feeling that you are lacking power in some way. What you have really done due to this belief is to withdraw your energy and presence from your circumstances. You have effectively decided that your circumstances, by default, now control your life, and therefore you will react to them accordingly.

The thing is that you can’t control or change the past. So if you decide that your past determines your outcome, then the only option you have is to react to your past. This is how you find yourself emotionally stuck in negative or limiting emotions. You can’t change the past. Therefore if the past dictates your experience, you will be automatically trapped in those same ineffective  emotions.

Likewise, if you are fixated on limiting beliefs that you have adopted from other people, you will be equally as stuck there.

All of this adds up to a frozen positioning and alignment that will continue to produce the same results in your life, no matter how much you want things to be different.


The First Key to Conscious Manifestation

The 1st key to manifesting the life you want consciously — you possess an amazing, God-given capability to manifest

How does it feel when you believe that you have little or no power to manifest what you want in life? I’ll bet it doesn’t feel good. I’ll bet it’s frustrating, demoralizing, and uncomfortable. This not-so-great feeling is a message that you are off track in your beliefs. If this was how it was supposed to be, then you would feel great about it! You would say that feeling a diminished power to create was an awesome thing for you. The fact that you don’t say this is a clear indication that something is out of alignment when you feel this way.

Imagine for a moment that you change this belief. Pretend that you just learned from your creator that you have an amazing capability to manifest the life that you want. You were born with this capability, and all you have to do is align with it. How does that idea make you feel?

If this idea makes you feel happy and good, then it’s a sign that you are onto something. Your emotions are showing you the first key. The first key is to accept that you have the power to create, and that all you have to do is bring yourself into alignment with that power. If you are not feeling that power, it’s because you are not aligned with it. Your current beliefs, along with your perspective that your circumstances and your past are controlling you, are pushing you out of alignment with your own power and creative energy.

The revelation that conscious manifestation is about being properly aligned positions you to enact your creative power in a much more focused, empowered way.


The Second Key 

The second key - manifestation and truth. A golden key hovering above a man's hand

The second key to conscious manifestation is to be true to what you really want. You have to start by giving up the reasons and excuses about why you don’t experience the life that you want.

It takes a great deal of your energy to hold onto reasons and excuses. This weakens you, and doesn’t leave a lot of energy to create positive change. When you feel this sense of weakness or inadequate energy, you lose confidence in your ability to change. You become fearful of being true to what you really want, because you don’t believe you can achieve it.

Imagine this for a moment. Look at your life where it is right now, and just accept it the way that it is with no reasons or explanations. Imagine that you don’t have a need to explain it because it’s not necessary. It’s not necessary to know why things are what they are because you have the power to change it.

When you realize this, it will be so much easier to let go, and shift your power elsewhere. You can take your energy out of reinforcing the justifications for where you are. This is important because that energy is just being used to keep you stuck. Wouldn’t it be better to apply it to creating what you want instead?

Once you let go of a need to justify, you are positioned to add all of your energy to creating what you want. You can be true to your vision because you have freed up the energy to make it possible.


The Third Key 

3 glowing keys on a ring

The third key consists of focusing your newly freed energy on manifesting what you want. There are 3 simple ways to do this.

  1. Choose what you want to create and hold a detailed image of that vision in your mind.
  2. Channel positive emotions in the direction of your vision and desire.
  3. Focus your energy on making this as real as possible in your experience through constant visualization. Then listen to your intuition and be willing to take inspired action in that direction.

The more often that you engage your consciousness and energy in these 3 ways, the more focused you will be, and the more likely you are to manifest what you truly desire in life.


Let’s Review

3 keys to focus and manifest with clarity.

Let’s review the exact order of the 3 essential keys to conscious manifestation, so you can proceed to enact them with clarity.

Firstly, you must understand and accept that you are not powerless. If you feel unempowered, it is simply a sign that you are out of alignment with your creative energy.

Secondly, you have to free your energy to be true to what you want, and commit to it. You can make this easier by releasing any need to justify where you are right now and let it go. This way you release your energy from explaining the past and what led to your current condition. You thus free your energy to realign with your power to create something new!

Thirdly, you need to focus your newly freed creative energy by holding a detailed vision of what you want in your mind. Channel positive emotions and belief into that vision. Be aware of your intuition, and be willing to take inspired action to bring what you want into physical manifestation.

Work with all 3 of these keys in synergy, and you will find your power to manifest increasing every day!

Hands holding a key radiating light. Envision the life of your dreams!

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