A Message From The Stars

December 10th, 2014 | 21 comments
A Message From The Stars

There are so many questions inherent to our life on planet Earth. The greatest mystery we face is how to resolve the daily dilemma of duality. How do we reconcile the ever-present conflict between good and bad, right and wrong, love and hate, etc.?

But the question goes even deeper than this. If God is love, then why is there suffering? If God represents unconditional, divine love for every human being, then why do some people struggle in the most dire of circumstances while others seem to be gifted with unrelenting good luck?

The explanations for these quandaries are many. Some say it’s a matter of karma, where people suffer the consequences of their actions in future lifetimes. Others say that planet Earth is really a school where we are sent to learn important lessons about right from wrong. And then there are the religions that purport that God is testing us to see if we can follow certain rules that will lead to our reward or punishment, depending on how well we do.

Some people believe that it is important to experience terrible circumstances so that we will learn to appreciate the positive and seek it out. These are the people that often believe that we choose our circumstances, no matter how bad, in order to evolve.

But what if all of these explanations are wrong? What if there is something else that we haven’t even thought of? In a universe as big and multi-dimensional as this one, the odds are extremely high that we haven’t even come close to fully understanding our situation.

There is one thing that all of these human explanations have in common. They each contain elements of the exact same duality that is causing all of our problems in the first place. In other words, these explanations are a product of the same problem that they purport to reconcile. All that they ultimately do in the end is to rationalize our situation. Rationalizing pain and suffering does nothing whatsoever to eliminate these experiences.

I would like to propose that we stop being so timid with our prayers. I would like to propose that we stop acting like beggars who are pleading with an invisible God to please have mercy on us and not inflict further pain and suffering in our lives. How about getting off our collective knees, standing up like the creative gods that we are, and beginning to deal rationally with our situation?

It is irrational to presume that God is infinite love and then promote the idea that this very same God inflicts pain, suffering, death, and destruction for our own spiritual good. These two things cannot both be true. The truth is obvious. God is indeed infinite, unconditional love. We know this in our hearts. So why do we immediately compromise that truth by purporting that this very same God inflicts damage in our universe for some weirdly “positive” reason?

We compromise the truth because we are too caught up in the problem itself. The problem appears to be so much bigger than we are, that the only way we know how to get a handle on it is to justify its existence. That is how we make a very unsatisfying attempt to live with it. All of our coping strategies come out of the fact that we find ourselves unable to get sufficient distance from the problem to experience a completely new perspective.

Our purpose as Telstar is to help people be able to step back and thus have an opportunity to alter their human perspective to one that makes a lot more sense. Thus we speak to you from a place that is beyond the problem of duality; a place where death, pain, struggle, and suffering simply do not exist. That place is what we refer to as the Real World. It is termed Real, because it absolutely lines up with the truth that there is only one reality – that of Omnipresent Love.

Space photoSome might believe that this Real World is an etheric place, such as what we hear about in the after-death realm. Others might believe that this merely refers to some higher dimension of life. None of this is true, and here’s why. The Real World is not etheric. In fact, it is so vibrantly real that it makes our physical reality on Earth seem etheric by comparison.

The Real World is also not a “higher spiritual dimension” as such things are referenced from our physical universe. The higher dimensions of which many people speak still purport to validate the existence of duality and thus are part of a larger continuum that persists in condoning the problem at its lower levels. Duality is proclaimed to be a necessary experience by which we all learn to grow and thus we are able to climb the inter-dimensional, spiritual ladder of success.

But what if you are someone who doesn’t really want to go this route? What if you have had enough of duality and the unbelievably steep learning curve that goes along with this idea? What if you are just simply tired of this whole thing? Maybe you would like to do something far more interesting and fulfilling with your ever-present, immortal existence. After all, how much collective suffering and struggle does one need to experience to recognize that it serves no purpose at all?

Yes, I know that this is radical thinking. But all of the non-radical thinking has achieved virtually nothing in the larger scheme of things. There is still more suffering, death, and destruction than ever before on our beautiful Earth. And what is radical about being true to the truth that God is infinite, omnipresent love?

So all of this begs the question: What in the world is really going on here? When you decide to be true to the truth and stop promoting the irrational idea that suffering and pain are a necessary component of human evolution, you have a basis for a much more scientific analysis. You immediately assess that if God is infinite love, then such a power cannot produce pain. If infinite is truly infinite, then there is no space or possibility for anything but infinite love to exist. Being a very good scientist, you would deduce that if pain and suffering appear to exist here, then something has gone dramatically wrong and needs to be corrected. You would not even consider rationalizing the existence of such things by deeming them “spiritually necessary”.

Our mission as Telstar is to help people learn that they have the opportunity to change the nature of their prayers and their overall paradigm about the existence of pain, suffering, struggle, and death. We can actually pray for a correction to this overall situation. But we can never pray such a prayer if we persist in spiritually sanctioning the existence of these things. We can never pray this way if we believe that God created these negative experiences for a good, spiritual reason. Why not? Because if we believe that, then our prayers for correction exist in direct conflict with this erroneous version of God. By asking that all such things be eliminated and life restored to its original, infinite state of pure love and creation, we would be going against the will of such a God to keep the bad stuff around so we can learn from it.

So thus we bring you a message from the stars. We bring you a message from Reality. We invite you to stand back from this earthly situation and reassess it in a way that aligns with the fact that God is only love and therefore all of creation can only exist as an outgrowth of this infinite, unconditional love. We invite you to be true to what you know in your heart and to pray for a solution accordingly. We invite you to state a heartfelt, sincere intention to have the entire illusion of duality eliminated forever.