A Simple Way to Understand Life!

January 8th, 2017 | 37 comments
A Simple Way to Understand Life!

How much time do you spend trying to understand your life? Sometimes it seems like we are put here with a host of problems and no instructions about how to solve them. Wouldn’t it be great if a simple paradigm shift could clear your mind and show you the best way forward? The good news is that there is such a shift, and I’m going to show you exactly how to make that happen.

A paradigm refers to your view or perception of reality. It’s how you see the world. We tend to think that what we see is the way that it actually is. But what we see is actually just a product of what we believe. We usually see only that which reinforces our belief. Anything else is likely to be blocked out. So if we feel trapped by our outer circumstances, the reality is that the trap is mostly inside our minds.

Imagine this. Imagine that you are in a big, wide world filled with endless possibilities. You can literally do almost anything you want, by learning how to do it and then taking action. You are a creator, an infinite being living in a body, who can survey the world and make whatever creative choices you wish. This is what life looks like when you remember who you are.

But what happens if you block out entire areas of possibility? Suppose that every time you have a bad experience or someone influences you in a negative way, a part of your mind decides to shut down to protect you? Your path becomes narrower and narrower. Your options begin to shrink, and life becomes about making do with whatever is left. You no longer believe in yourself anymore.

You become mentally blind, and unable to see what you once saw in yourself years earlier. This mental “blindness” should not be interpreted as the truth. It simply means that you cannot see what you could see before. Fear is standing in your way. Have you ever heard the saying “blinded by fear”?

Now let’s talk about the paradigm shift that can free you from this blindness.


Understand your larger situation

I am an infinite being of love.

What you need to do first, in order to make the largest paradigm shift possible, is to create a context of freedom that enables you to see again, and transform your life. To be able to do this, you need to first understand your larger situation.

This is very simple to do. Just look at the bullet points below, to understand what your larger situation is comprised of.

  • You are an infinite being and a creator by nature.
  • You are currently living in a finite body in a finite world.
  • This finite world appears to be split into two parts. One part is labeled ‘good and right’, and the other part is labeled ‘bad and wrong’. Everything in this world exists as an iteration of one side or the other.
  • Because your true, infinite nature is whole and comprised of only Love, it is nearly impossible to fully manifest who you are in a finite, divided world. That’s where the ego comes in.
  • The ego is a false self that manifests to help you to live as a part of this divided world. Just like the finite world, the ego has the same two parts: good and bad. Because of the ego, you are able to navigate this finite world and imagine yourself to be a part of it.
  • There is a collective belief in this world that the ultimate purpose in life is to eliminate the bad side of the ego, and keep or improve the good side. The unfortunate thing is that this can’t be done. The ego needs both sides in order to exist.
  • As long as you believe that you are the ego, you will always be doing battle with yourself, as you try to suppress what you don’t want, and experience what you do want.


The most common paradigm causes the biggest problems

Believing that we are our egos causes inner conflict and stress, making it difficult to understand life.

To make the largest paradigm shift, you have to first understand the paradigm you are already in. The largest paradigm that most people live inside of for their entire lives is the belief that they are their egos.

This is a deadly belief because it means that you can never be your most empowered self. This belief spawns a life-wasting belief that your purpose in life is to reconcile the ego’s two opposing sides. The ego wants to portray you as a divided creature who can never make peace with itself.

This inner conflict wears you down, and shuts you down. The ego’s idea of reconciling things and moving you towards its so-called version of “oneness” is to use fear to suppress as much of your being as possible. It literally wants to bury any sense you may have of your true immortal self. In the end, the lights go out completely and you may not remember anything about who you really are.

In this paradigm, the ego holds all the cards and has all the leverage. It uses fear to promote mental blindness, thus shrinking your view of your life and all your options. Its view of reconciling the inner conflict is to shut you down more and more, until there is very little left. It causes you so much pain trying to resolve this unresolvable conflict that you are eventually inclined to withdraw into a tiny corner that you call your world, where you can feel as safe as possible.


The great paradigm shift! 

man and woman looking peaceful and empowered with hands in prayer position

Now you understand your larger situation or context. You also understand what is likely your current paradigm. Next you want to set your sights on a new, more accurate paradigm that will give you the leverage you need to leave the ego’s dualistic world, and expand your energy into creating a beautiful life, rather than using it up trying to resolve unnecessary inner conflict.

There are three steps to take, in order to make this paradigm shift. Firstly, you need to stand back and observe what we have discussed so far. Do whatever you can to see it for yourself in your own life.


Step 1. – Begin by looking in these areas

Relax and take stock of how the ego might be affecting your life.

  • Your physical body, emotions, and brain are basically reflections of the ego’s world. In most cases, the totality of your physical existence is wholly occupied by the ego, which takes the position of the main steward of your life’s journey. The ego convinces you that you need it to be the captain of your ship because it fully understands and integrates with the finite world. It claims that it needs to pilot your brain, body, and mind so that you can survive. From this point on, your life will be about conflict resolution rather than about creation.
  • The ego manifests on a conscious level as the “voice in your head” that is constantly judging, evaluating, and telling you what to do. It is generally fear-based.
  • Observe where you can see this manifesting in your life. Then notice if this causes you to withdraw from optimism and positive opportunities out of overwhelm and fear.
  • Be a detective! Start by rooting out all of the areas in your life where the ego is in control.


Step 2. – Ask yourself an important question

Man contemplating. Self-examination, self-development, introspection.

This step is simple, yet vitally important. Ask yourself this very important question: “How much more of this am I willing to tolerate?”

You need to keep observing your experience, as in step 1, and then keep asking yourself this question again and again. Look at the outcome in your life when the ego is your captain. Is this what you really want?

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Step 3. – The amazing shift!

Understanding life from this new paradigm brings great motivation and empowerment!Let steps 1 and 2 be a natural process of increasing consciousness and awareness as you go through your days. At some point, as this awareness is followed by questioning, you will begin to feel a shift. You will start to feel a deeper and deeper degree of intolerance for the ego’s propensity for wasting your life.

This kind of intolerance is not a negative thing. It exists more as a desire to take back the reins of your life in a positive way. It means that you, the infinite being, are beginning to wake up. It means that you are beginning to pull the curtain back on the ego’s control, and realizing that you can do a far better job of running your own life.

This becomes abundantly clear because as an infinite being, your only motivation is love. Your only motivation is to create happiness, health, abundance, and beauty in the most natural sense of the word. This means beauty in body, mind, and spirit as an expression of the love that you are.

The creations of infinite love are always beautiful, whereas the inventions of the fear-based ego are always ugly, desolate, and painful.


The Ultimate Conclusion

Happy, active man and woman

The ultimate conclusion exists as the realization that you, as a loving infinite being, will take much better care of your body (emotions and mind included) and your life than the ego could ever be capable of. You will always do things to promote peace, health, and happiness, and thus have no need for the ego’s fear-based ways.

This means that you finally choose to step back into your power and reclaim the life that is rightfully yours. You pay no attention to whatever blinders the ego has placed upon you, and realize that you always have the power to see it all. You can make conscious decisions in your life based on intelligence and love, rather than on fear and withdrawal.

You are an extension of your creator, the God-force that made you, and thus you will treat your life with the same degree of love. The ego has no place in this beautiful scenario.

The more that you make this powerful paradigm shift, the more you will be able to understand nearly every situation that occurs in your life, and know exactly what to do about it. You will know because, as an infinite being of love, your higher intelligence will have the natural clarity to do what is best for you, and act only in ways that are born of the Love that you are.

Lotus and sun. Divine intelligence, inspiration, and clarity will come as you understand your true, infinite nature.

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