Are You A Lightworker?

October 3rd, 2014 | 21 comments
Are You A Lightworker?

What is the meaning of the word lightworker? This is an interesting word because many people view it as a noun or some kind of title. I view it as more of a verb. It denotes action, focus, and life purpose. As mere New Age terminology it is basically useless. But as a tool to aid your focus in this life it can serve as a tremendous asset. Why would your contemplation of this word be exceedingly valuable in today’s world? Let me explain.

In this life you can function as either a victim or a creator. There are nothing but disadvantages to functioning as a victim. All the advantages belong to those who function as creators. To function effectively as a creator it is important to align with certain universal principles, starting with love. Love is a light. That is why people literally light up when they feel love. They radiate. In order to understand the meaning of the word lightworker, you must first understand it as love. And secondly you must understand it as love in action.

A victim is one who feels unable to take action. A victim is a person who lives in fear. Many of the events in today’s world seem to push and encourage feelings of collective victimhood. Such events can promote feelings of being out of control or helpless. You can actively counter these feelings by assuming the mantle of a lightworker privately and in your own mind. In some cases that is a better way because it teaches you that this idea only has meaning when it is put into action. A lightworker is a person who puts love into action. It represents a person who actively loves.

The advantages to this are profound. Do you realize that when you actively love anyone that same love flows through you as well? There is only one love in this universe. That is the love of God or Omnipresence. It is from this that we derive our capacity to love. We were literally created this way. We were created by love in order to love. If you want to feel love, then love someone or something.

It’s not enough to just say you love something or someone in your own mind. In order to be real it has to manifest. It has to be seen or experienced by something or someone beyond yourself. Otherwise it remains an internalized experience that only you know about. We should not be containers of love. We should be fountains of love that radiate outward so that all can share in the brilliance.

How does using the word lightworker serve as an advantage to our ability to focus? The word lightworker also denotes positioning. It represents a decision toward a certain kind of action in this world. If we position ourselves as lightworkers we indicate that we have chosen to position ourselves with a certain type of focus. Our focus is to act from a basis of love and to see that love manifest in some sort of recognizable, experienced form. Our focus is for that love to extend beyond ourselves.

Inherent in the word lightworker is a sense of purpose or even life purpose. It affords us a way to live a purposeful life. Let’s examine this from the bigger picture. On planet Earth there is the appearance that evil, pain, and suffering are running amok. There is the appearance that such things routinely have the upper hand. If we believe that Earth is all there is in the universe, then this can be very discouraging indeed. But what if we remember that Earth is just a tiny situation in a much bigger Omniverse of life? What if the nature of that Omniverse is vastly different from our circumstances here? Suppose our situation here is exceedingly out of the ordinary?

Many people secretly believe that they are part of something much larger than themselves. This is not a secret. In fact, this is true. We are all a part of something way bigger than our tiny planet. To be a lightworker is to live in recognition of that fact. Consider the possibility that the real Omniverse, of which we are all a part, has love and the full manifestation of that love as its baseline reality. Consider the possibility that what we see happening on Earth is something of an exceedingly odd, highly unnatural occurrence.

Why is this paradigm shift important? Because it puts all the leverage on the side of love. If the larger Omniverse is a full manifestation of omnipresent love, when we align with and become that love we allow ourselves to become a part of that incredibly powerful leverage. If you place a light in a dark room, does the darkness have any leverage? Of course not. If we refuse to let our light emerge; if we keep our light contained because we are too influenced and too discouraged by the darkness, then we only contribute to the illusion that darkness has the upper hand.

To be a lightworker is to be one who has consciously chosen to live a purposeful existence in the context of planetary evolution. In this context, the goal is to restore ourselves and our world to a natural state where love and its full manifestation is all there is. It is to restore ourselves to a condition where we each know only the experience of love. The best way to know love is to be love. The best way to know love is to give love. Below is a short, very sweet video produced by The Prem Rawat Foundation that beautifully illustrates the concept of a lightworker when it comes to peace. I hope you enjoy it!