Be a Creator Instead of a Victim

July 12th, 2015 | 17 comments
Be a Creator Instead of a Victim

There are two main platforms upon which to live your life. The one you choose will determine whether you are happy or sad, fulfilled or unfulfilled, successful or unsuccessful. One is the platform of a creator and the other is the platform of a victim.

There are certain simple laws of physics that correspond to each of these platforms. They have to do with which direction your energy flows. On the platform of a creator, your energy is sourced from within you and flows outward to enable you to create your world. You decide what happens to you and what you experience.

The platform of a victim is very different. If you live on this platform, the physics of your energy will change dramatically. You will be randomly bombarded with the energy from the world around you. In this case, that same outside energy will determine your inner experience. Creating your life consciously will be difficult, if not altogether impossible. For the most part, the world around you will create your life by default.


Two Powerful Paradigms

Each of these platforms represents a powerful paradigm, or a way of looking at the world. Whichever one you live from will determine the type of life you lead. Let’s examine some of the characteristics of each one.

10 Characteristics of a Victim Paradigm:

10 Characteristics of a Victim Paradigm

  • Fear about what might happen
  • Anxiety due to feeling out of control
  • Confusion and an inability to plan, because “you never know what might happen next”
  • Difficulty in making decisions because there are so many outside factors involved
  • A tendency to withdraw and protect oneself
  • A tendency to make excuses
  • An addiction to distractions
  • Fear of change
  • Low self-esteem
  • Negative outlook on life

10 Characteristics of a Creator’s Paradigm:

10 Characteristics of a Creator's Paradigm

  • Feeling centered, grounded, and sure of yourself
  • Feeling in control of your own experience and circumstances
  • Highly creative thinking
  • Ability to envision your future and set goals
  • More energy due to an enthusiastic outlook
  • Greater strength in overcoming obstacles
  • An overall positive outlook
  • A strong belief in your capabilities
  • A greater sense of peace and certainty
  • Ability to make clear decisions

As you can see from these lists of characteristics, the paradigm of a victim exhibits withdrawal, unconsciousness, and negativity. The paradigm of a creator exhibits courage, happiness, and an overall positive outlook.

Most people experience a mixture of these two paradigms. You will probably feel that your overall tendencies are stronger in one paradigm or the other. You likely lean more towards experiencing life as a victim or you lean more towards living life as a creator.


How to Shift Your Paradigm

The way to live a more fulfilling life is to shift your paradigm from the platform of a victim to that of a creator. It is impossible to live a fulfilling life as a victim. You must shift to the platform of a creator if you want to live the life of your dreams. This is step number one in creating a fulfilling life.

The way to live a more fulfilling life is to shift your paradigm from the platform of a victim to that of a creator.

Here are some simple steps you can take to shift your paradigm over to that of a creator:

  1. Do some soul searching along with a self-evaluation. Which paradigm do you spend most of your time in? Wherever you feel you lean more towards being a victim, ask yourself if you are willing to step off this platform and learn how to shift to the platform of a creator.
  2. Choose one of the main areas in your life where you feel that you function more like a victim. This could be in the areas of relationships, career, finances, or health. Or choose another area that really matters to you. Decide which area you want to work on first.
  3. Now look deeply into this chosen area of life. There are certain things that you will have to say goodbye to, as you leave the platform of a victim. These things are as follows: excuses, blame, justifications, and negative judgements. Such things can only live on the platform of a victim. They cannot exist on the platform of a creator. Are you willing to say goodbye to these ideas and let them go? If your answer is no, then find some other area of life where you can find that willingness.
  4. Here is where you can begin to shift your paradigm. Choose any situation in your chosen area of life that particularly bothers you. If you eliminate all excuses, justifications, and blame for that circumstance, what might you have done differently to have either avoided that outcome or have it turn out differently? How would a different outlook and behavior on your part have changed that outcome to something more aligned with your heart’s desires?
  5. Once you have answered this question, you will begin to realize that you actually had a greater option to control that outcome than you realized at the time. As this realization begins to fully sink in on a conscious level, you will begin to see how different things look from the platform of a creator. This will inspire you to look at other areas of your life and further realize that you have the capacity to decide for yourself what you want to experience.


How Can I Cultivate the Platform of a Creator?

The most important thing to remember about the platform of a creator is that all experience starts on the inside. You decide how you are going to process the things that happen around you. You move away from reacting to circumstances. Instead, you give yourself a chance to pause and think things through.

If someone does something that usually upsets you, you can step back before you react. Ask yourself what you want to experience right now. For example, if someone does something that usually upsets you, you can step back before you react. Ask yourself what you want to experience right now. If your goal was to have a peaceful, harmonious day, are you going to let someone else unexpectedly disrupt that for you? Are you obligated to react negatively to that person’s behavior and ruin your own experience? Of course not.

It is perfectly okay to let that other person be whatever he or she is in the moment and decide that their behavior is only about them, not about you – even if it appears to be directed at you. This way you preserve and protect your own inner peace. You stay in command of your own experience.

As you begin to understand this simple concept, you can take your realization further. You can start to make decisions about different circumstances in your life. You can begin to craft a new and better life for yourself.

Make a list of several things in your life that you would like to change. Now write down how you might influence and create those changes for yourself. Decide to be the master of your own destiny and the creator of your everyday experience.

There is no such thing as a sudden, overnight shift in these deep paradigms. It is better to pursue this as a daily work in progress. Every day look for a few ways that you can make the shift from victim to creator. Keep practicing and you will begin to see profound changes taking place.

Eventually you will see yourself building momentum and power. You will be astonished at what you are capable of. You will be amazed at the level of control that you can have in your life when you divorce yourself from excuses, rationalizations, and negative judgements.

Let your life be a work of art in progress. Be the artist in your own life. Decide what you want to paint and the story you wish to write. Don’t let outside circumstances dictate your life by default. Decide for yourself what you want to do, and become the influencer and creator of your circumstances.

It’s a simple formula. Choose to create your circumstances or your circumstances will create you. It’s up to you whether you are the victim of circumstances or the creator of your own circumstances by design. Be the creator!

Be the artist in your own life. Decide what you want to paint and the story you wish to write.


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