The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear

The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear

The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear® is based on a process that was delivered by Saratoga and Telstar in live events in cities across North America. It was so successful in leading to the powerful transformation of many people’s lives, that we put the process in book form, so that you and many others could benefit from it. Ironically, this process is not necessarily for fearful people. It is especially well suited for those who have dreams of going forward in their lives in more positive ways, but are frustrated with an inner sense of resistance to doing so. The act of reading the book invokes a process of revelation and positioning that leads to a beautiful opportunity to stand up to the source of fear and take command of your own life once and for all. This book is an easy, fun, and interesting read, while at the same time being profound in its ability to awaken!

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Thank you for creating the book entitled ‘The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear’. I read the book and went through the process, and was amazed at what happened to me. It was the most spiritual experience of my life. Since then my life has been steadily and dramatically improving...

- C.N.A. - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear" has been the most important book that I've ever encountered.  Nothing else has helped me to evolve in the way that it has.  I am forever grateful for my transformation into the more grounded, loving and creative person that I am today.

- L.N. - Toronto, Canada

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