Don’t Let Technology Diminish Your Humanity

November 27th, 2016 | 4 comments
Don’t Let Technology Diminish Your Humanity

Our humanity is a powerful thing. We are creative, spiritual beings whose highest essence is that of Light and Divine Love. We are essentially agents of the Heart. We are at our best when we love ourselves, each other, and all of life.

Technology, on the other hand, is cold and without feeling. It is a mimicker and an accelerator. By its own nature, it does not connect with our hearts and our spirituality. We are thus obliged to find a healthy balance in living with this alien force that is so intertwined in our lives.

I refer to our current fast-evolving technology as alien because it does not connect with nature or with our higher selves. It exists as an interloping foreigner that must be kept in perspective, and whose influence must be tamed in our everyday lives.


The Technology of Screens

Hand holding digital device inside a virtual computer world. Nature vs machines, technology vs humanity, spirituality, screens and health.

The word “technology” is a very broad term, so let me narrow it down to one specific area. Let us discuss the technology of screens. Our screens act as a doorway into an alternate universe, where our physical bodies cannot go. But our consciousness certainly can.

Whenever you open a screen, whether it be a smartphone, a tablet, a TV, or a computer, you are opening a doorway into another dimension of reality. With the advent of the internet, we like to refer to that dimension as cyberspace.

We seem to be under some collective illusion that this dimension of cyberspace is not really real, and therefore we don’t have to worry about it. We view it as largely a matter of recreation or convenience, and therefore believe that we need not be concerned with any potential consequences other than the fulfillment of those needs.

But just because our physical bodies cannot enter this dimension of cyberspace does not make it any less real. And this is the danger of identifying ourselves wholly with our physical bodies. We fail to realize that we are an infinite consciousness that has the power to inject ourselves literally anywhere in this universe. In our lack of understanding this, we don’t think there is anything to be conscious about, as long as our bodies can’t go along for the ride.


Reclaim Your Humanity

Woman smiling contentedly. Mindfulness and balance are our natural human state.

If we are to judge the technology of screens appropriately, we have to start from a basis of fully understanding and acknowledging our humanity. We have to be clear about our collective goal in living in this world.

Due to the fact that we don’t like suffering or pain of any kind, it would seem reasonable to assume that our collective goal on a spiritual level is to remove such things from our experience altogether. But in order to do this, we have to be able to love. We have to stay connected to our hearts. We have to stay connected to the beauty of nature, and to our natural selves. We also have to remember that we did not create this entire universe, and that all of this natural beauty must be here for a powerful reason that is beyond our conscious mind’s ability to understand.

The more we reach into the natural world of the universe with love, the more we will understand ourselves. From here we can reclaim the wholeness of who we are, which then empowers us to evolve to a much better place. That place is the infinite Real World of divine love and omnipresent beauty. It is where we reclaim who we are meant to be as benevolent, loving creators.


The Crossroads of Technology vs. Humanity

Woman wearing virtual reality goggles floating inside a digital world.

Technology beckons us to leave our natural selves. It invites us into a world where our bodies don’t matter. How many times have you found yourself hunched unconsciously over a smartphone, with little or no awareness of how that unnatural, negative posture is affecting you?

Cartoon of man bent over phone with neck pain. Technology makes us unconscious of our bodies and distracts us from our health.How many times have you unconsciously lost all physical sensation because you were so absorbed in a screen? These days, many of us only live partway in our bodies. Our bodies are in danger of becoming little more than a tool used to plug our consciousness into machines. There are consequences to viewing our physical bodies as mere interfacing devices between our consciousness and the machines which act as portals to another dimension that we know little or nothing about.


Why is the Body Important?

Peaceful woman with roses. True self, connecting with nature, natural humanity.

Our physical bodies exist as our anchors to the natural world. Our bodies are designed to carry emotion, feeling, and acts of physical love. Our bodies are perfectly designed to conduct the feelings of our spirituality and our divine hearts.

Our physical bodies await our spiritual evolution into a higher place where pain and suffering do not exist. If we choose to use our physical bodies as mere tools that allow us to enter cyberspace, then we are abandoning who we are in the fullest sense of the word.

Our bodies carry our souls. They are our spiritual temples that connect us directly to God. We should respect and honor our bodies, if we want to find a pathway to a higher state of being.


How to Reconcile Technology with Your Natural Self

Stressed-looking woman absorbed in virtual reality goggles and a tablet computer juxtaposed with a happy, smiling, confident woman in nature. Humanity vs technology.

Technology can serve us if we maintain a higher context for our existence, and choose to honor and respect our natural selves. That is the only thing that can place us in command of our human experience.  We have to remember that technology is a tool, and not make ourselves tools instead.

We have to make an effort to stay oriented in the natural world. From there we can choose how we want to benefit from the convenience and reach of our technologies. We can tame the screens’ influence on us, and stay centered and grounded in our highest, best selves.

If you stay centered in your physical body, you will stay centered in the natural world and in the universe at large. The importance of the screens will diminish, instead of you diminishing yourself.

cyber-bullying, stress and technologyWhen you see people being cruel, violent, or unconscious through the use of their screens, realize that such folks are in a state of losing touch with their physical selves. They are playing a virtual game akin to a child covering their eyes and believing that no one sees them. Because the screen appears to hide their physical presence from the view of others, they see little need to keep their lower selves in check.

But this is all an illusion that comes at tremendous cost to such individuals. By believing that their lives take place in a virtual reality with little or no consequence, they are only robbing themselves of their own ability to evolve and be empowered as physical, spiritual beings. And that is a sad thing indeed.

So protect yourself from such things. Honor your physical presence, and stay tuned to the natural world. Remember that your physical body is a temple of the divine. And when you do interact with technology, do so with love and a conscious remembrance of who you really are.


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