The Fastest Way to Eliminate Problems

June 8th, 2015 | 7 comments
The Fastest Way to Eliminate Problems

How many times have you tried to solve a problem in your life and ended up feeling completely discouraged and frustrated? There is a reason for being unsuccessful at solving problems, and I will explain to you what that is. I am also going to share with you a much better method that will actually work!

The first thing you should know is that approaching a problem as something to be solved doesn’t work. What this does is cause you to focus on the problem. Whatever you focus on gets amplified.

Solving a problem is actually not your real goal. Your real goal is to experience what you want. A problem is something that stands in the way of that. If you focus on what stands in your way, you may lose sight of your original intent. In this case, the problem becomes a major distraction.


The Worst Way to Handle a Problem

Let’s imagine that you are driving along a road to a desired destination. You have planned this trip for awhile and are really looking forward to getting there!

All of a sudden, you notice a giant boulder completely blocking the road. You stop your car and get out to examine the boulder. The more you examine it, the more questions you have.

How did it get here? What’s it made of? Why did God put this in my path? Does this mean something about me? Is it a sign? How do I get rid of it? Next, you examine the rock more closely and decide to look it up online to see if you can learn more about it.

You call your friend and start complaining about the rock. Your friend says it reminds him or her of some of their own issues, and you begin to commiserate together.

people with boulderBy now you are getting really stressed as you focus more and more energy on the rock. You can’t figure out what to do about this giant obstruction! The idea of your original destination grows dimmer and dimmer, as the issue of the rock grows bigger and bigger.

Now all of your energy is focused on how to “solve” the problem of the rock. The rock has become the central figure in your existence. If you focus on it long enough, it will soon have to be incorporated into the rest of your life. You will begin to see it as a part of your life. This is how a problem becomes entrenched in your consciousness. This is also what makes people give up on their original intent.


There is a Much Better Approach!

The best way to handle life overall is to be clear about what you want. Being clear can be as simple as saying “I want to be happy.” It can also be as complex as having a desire to make a major change in your life, or complete a major project.

It doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters that you know you want it. This is important because it tells you what to focus on. It gives you a compass in this crazy, unpredictable world that we live in.

The moment you become clear about what you want, you can start on your path to get there. Or maybe what you want is something that you already have, like good health. In this case, your destination might be to maintain that state of good health.

Whatever the case, you will inevitably encounter a problem somewhere along the way. That’s just the nature of our situation on this Earth.

woman with ideaWhen that problem shows up, your first priority should be to remember your destination, your want, and your original desire. You should keep that focus regardless of the problem.

Why is this important? Because it will lead to a much faster understanding of how to eliminate the problem. You will also not be adding unnecessary energy and focus to the problem, thus causing it to appear bigger than it really is.


A Simple Way to Eliminate Problems and Get Back in Control of Your Life

Here is an easy system you can follow in order to deal with problems quickly and effectively. This will help you to keep your precious energy focused on what you want, instead of draining it away hand-wringing about problems.

1. –  Get a piece of paper and make 3 columns. Title each column as follows:

  • Column 1 – My Problem Is
  • Column 2 – Stands in the Way of
  • Column 3 – What I can do to eliminate this problem

2. –  Now in the first column, name a particular problem. In the second column, name the thing you desire that this problem stands in the way of.

For example, in the first column you might write “I’m overweight.” In the second column, you might write “I want to feel light on my feet and buy the clothes that I love.”

3. –  Pause for a moment and observe the two things that you wrote down. It is extremely likely that you will know exactly what you can write in the third column as a solution.

A solution is defined as things you can do to eliminate this problem.

In the case of our example, you might write “Hire a fitness trainer.” or  “Go online and learn about weight loss.” or “Find a healthy way to eat what I enjoy.” Depending on the nature of the problem, you will either write one thing or maybe a few main points. For now, don’t go into too much detail.

4. – You can do this exercise for more than one problem. When you are finished, you will likely feel that a huge weight has been lifted off you because now you have taken control of the problem, rather than letting the problem control you. You know exactly what you can do to eliminate the problem. You don’t have to hand-wring anymore.

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Why Is This So Effective?

This simple system works because it puts you back in harmony with your desired experience in life. Once you have identified what to do to eliminate the problem, you no longer have to focus on the problem. You are back on the road to creating the life that you want. In fact, all of the actions that you set forth to eliminate the problem contribute directly to that creation. You are no longer draining valuable energy on the problem itself. All of your focus and energy have shifted back to the positive outcome of your original desire.


A Final Thing to Consider

Once you complete this simple exercise, you can let go of stressing out about the problem. You are back in control, because you know what you need to do. You don’t have to work on all of the problems on your list at once. Just stand back and decide what you are willing to do at this point. Even if you are not ready to address all of it right now, you can keep this chart knowing that the solutions are right at hand whenever you are ready. There is no longer any reason to dwell on the problems themselves. Either take action right now to eliminate them, or wait until you are ready. Either way, you are in control and know exactly where you stand.

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