Get Sensual Instead of Technological

March 8th, 2015 | 18 comments
Get Sensual Instead of Technological

There are two sides to our lives in the modern world, and one side is winning out. There is our natural side and then there is our technological side. The technological side is definitely ahead. We are slowly transforming ourselves from natural, biological creatures in tune with the natural world, into a strange hybrid of sorts. We are still physically anchored in the natural world of our planet, yet our minds and even our spirits are becoming more and more comfortable with technology as our base.

This duality creates a conflict that can be extremely detrimental to our health and well-being, plus significantly compromise our spirituality and inner peace.

Let’s refer to the world of technology as the world of machines. Now let’s discuss why our attempts to interface with that world are fraught with peril, if we don’t do it consciously and honor the type of natural beings that we are.

As biological beings, we are naturally unpredictable, because we are so responsive and creative. We are integrated with the rhythms and seasons of the planet by design. We operate with the planet and all other life forms in a synergistic way. In other words, we are part of a much larger ecosystem. In fact, that ecosystem is so large that it actually encompasses our entire galaxy! Where did this idea come from that we exist in some weird form of planetary isolation from the rest of the universe?

Now let’s look at the nature of machines. They don’t eat, they don’t reproduce (not yet, anyway), they don’t need sleep or rest, and the seasons of the planet are entirely irrelevant to them. They don’t recognize beauty and they don’t have a spiritual life of any kind. Love is a non-existent phenomenon. Machines do not need affection. All they need to exist is an energy supply and programming. That’s pretty much it. A machine doesn’t care if the sunset is beautiful. It doesn’t care about magnificent art in a museum somewhere. It has absolutely no use for beauty and does not require inspiration of any kind. It is a purely utilitarian device.

Now contrast what I just described with the nature of a biological human being. A human being is deeply spiritual by nature. A human being needs love and thrives with a divine connection to God. A human being has real, spontaneous emotions. A human being has the power to create, to feel, to recognize, and to appreciate. A human being can relate with love to every other living thing on this planet. A human being needs spiritual fulfillment.

woman sitting in field

So what happens if you try to marry these two completely opposite creations? What happens when human beings try to interface their consciousness and soon their bodies with machines? Let’s begin to answer this question with a small, familiar example. Clocks and calendars. Both are completely rigid and definitely a product of the machine world. Calendars don’t care about the weather. Spring starts on March 20th, even if you are experiencing the blizzard of the century. The new year begins in the icy cold of January, even though everything in nature is asleep.

Nature, on the other hand, clearly begins its new year in spring, when new life blooms in the world of plants and nature’s babies are being born everywhere. Nature is wild and free, and wholly responsive to the NOW of its extremely complex ecosystems. Clocks and calendars are not responsive to anything. They are unyielding task-masters and rigid tyrants. You must conform to them. They will not yield to you under any circumstances.

Computers are the epitome of duality. They exist as the maximized creation of this conflict by virtue of their basic blueprint programming based solely on zero’s and one’s. On/off. Yes/no. The very foundation of a dualistic reality. As we lose ourselves in cyberspace, we also lose touch with our bodies and the very world that supports them. We come away a little less able to relate to the physical universe that we live in. Our senses are dulled and ordinary conversation in person becomes cumbersome and even boring. We forget how to feel.

All of this begs the question – What is important in our lives? I would suggest that it is important to feel. It is important to be highly attuned to our physical senses and to firmly reside within our physical bodies in a centered way. It is important to be able to connect with all life and to be able to love one another, in person and in the flesh. Otherwise we risk becoming mere fragments of consciousness scattered about in different dimensions of space.

So what is the answer to all of this? Certainly, machines and computers are here to stay and we are well past the point of being able to live without them. Therefore, let us begin to honor ourselves and our biological nature in a wholly conscious way. If we can be the inventors of these machines, then surely there is something extremely important about us that needs to be preserved! The answer to what that is lies in our sensual selves.

Sensual should not be confused with sexual. The fact that it often is, shows how far off course we already are. It indicates that the only place left in our lives where sensuality still exists might be in our sexual experiences.

man meditatingSensuality, as I define it, means to be fully awake and conscious while in a physical body. It means to be energetically attuned. It means to feel, not only on a physical level, but on the expanded levels of energetics. Sensuality is what allows you to tune into the life force of a living crystal and feel its energy and consciousness. Sensuality is also what allows you to feel the delicate touch of a summer breeze and have that simple experience register throughout your body and make you feel completely alive.

Without sensuality, we become dead inside. We might be walking around, but we are feeling and noticing very little. When we lose touch with our bodies, we also lose touch with who we are in our physical incarnations. Spirituality becomes increasingly difficult, as our senses become more dulled. The resulting unconsciousness begins to bleed into our inner worlds. We begin to believe that things don’t matter and we turn a blind eye to our physical, mental, and emotional needs. We become gravely out of balance and then wonder, in our unconsciousness, why things aren’t working anymore.

So lest this writing starts to require another chapter, let me suggest a new path in the simplest of ways. Become sensual again. Learn to feel. Don’t let the computers take your soul, while you are inadvertently being entertained by them. Don’t let their speed and convenience become a substitute for knowing yourself.

Stop everything for a few minutes and assess where you are. How much do you feel your own body? How much are you aware of the world around you? Do you even notice nature anymore? Do you see your physical life as an inconvenience instead of the powerful blessing that it is? If you are not happy with your assessment, then make a pact with yourself to change. Refuse to accept this level of mediocrity with yourself. Decide not to use your age or your past as an excuse. The only criteria that you need is the fact that you are alive. That’s enough. Now go for it! Find ways to get sensual again and experience the magnificent world around you. Be the master of your own destiny and embrace the quintessential, multi-dimensional experience of being human. Don’t let yourself succumb to the unconsciousness and utterly inferior experience of living like a machine.

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