How to Tune into Angelic Protection

December 13th, 2015 | 24 comments
How to Tune into Angelic Protection

Due to recent events occurring in the world, there appears to be a great deal of fear and anxiety related to safety concerns these days. So I want to share with you some ways that you can ease those feelings by tuning into the peaceful angelic protection that is always available to you.

Our guardian angels are always with us, but it is also extremely helpful to ask for their assistance when we desire it. Our angels always respect our free will, above and beyond all else, and will not interfere with the choices we make. So communicating when we want their help signals to them that our request is a conscious choice.

You don’t have to be able to see or hear your angels to make this request. They are always able to see and hear you just fine, regardless. All you have to do is be focused and clear that you would like to receive angelic protection in whatever situation you are concerned about.

You can ask the angels for protection either in your mind or out loud. Either way is fine. The important thing is that you view this as a co-creative act, where you co-create that protective energy with them. This primarily involves your acceptance and visualization of their help.

If you are unconscious, haphazard, or skeptical about their ability to aid you, you will find it difficult to connect with their angelic energy. Thus it will be more difficult for them to aid you effectively. Angels are not some “magic button” that you push like a vending machine whenever you want something. They are real, living beings who require your co-creative energy and intention, if you want to experience the best results.

Here are some ways that you can engage with angelic energy to feel more secure and protected.


A Protective Shield of Light

Illustration of angel in front of field of stars

This is a simple and very powerful method for feeling a great sense of protection in all kinds of situations. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Stop what you’re doing and focus on the situation you are concerned about.
  2. Then call upon your angels and ask them to surround you with a protective shield of white light and energy so that you stay perfectly safe, no matter what. Here is a sample of how you might make this request: “Dear angels, please surround me with white light, and protect me in this situation. (Name the place or situation).” Of course, you can do this in your own words.
  3. To make this even stronger, ask the angels to accompany you and ensure that you are safe.
  4. Now visualize yourself surrounded by white angelic light, and envision yourself surrounded by angels. This will help you to energetically connect with the reality of the angels’ assistance.
  5. Depending on your level of concern, you can continue to visualize this as you go forward, or let it go and trust the angels to safely guide you. Either way, it is important that your consciousness be engaged with their assistance.

There are so many situations in which you can engage this method with your angels. Here are a few examples:

angel wings and halo


  • If you are driving, you can ask the angels to surround your car with light and protection.
  • You can also do this with air travel. Ask the angels to guide you in making your reservations. Then when you board your plane, you can ask them to surround the aircraft with protective white light and energy. You can even ask the angels to surround your plane, and accompany it with protective energy on its journey. Remember that angels come in all sizes. It is no big deal for large, powerful angels to accompany a large aircraft!
  • In the past, when I used to travel a lot, I would use this method with my luggage. I would get very focused on each piece of luggage, surrounding it with light energy as I was checking it in at the airport. I would ask the fairies to go with my luggage and ensure its safe arrival. (Fairies are ideal for this!) I never had any luggage get lost or delayed when I did this. However, if I forgot, then sometimes there were issues.

Everyday Situations

There are times when we can use our intuition and decide whether or not we should go somewhere. But there are other times when we may not have a choice, such as when going to work or to school. In those cases, if you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious, you can use this same method. The angels are very happy to go with you and surround you with protective light if you ask.

Whenever you have a choice about where to go or what to do, use your intuition. Then once you have made your decision, if you feel anxiety or uncertainty, you can always apply this method for additional angelic protection to help ease your mind.


Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the most powerful of all the angels for shielding and protection. If you find yourself in an unexpected or emergency situation, he is a wonderful angel to call upon for immediate assistance and calming.

Archangel Michael’s colors are gold and electric  blue. He will often use a purple and gold light for shielding and protective purposes.

This angel is so powerful, that he could literally hold the Earth in the palm of his hand. He is compassionate and loving, and exudes tremendous strength and certainty in all situations.

Ask him to shield and protect you with his energy if you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, in which you don’t feel safe.

Angel Protection for Children

Guardian angel and 2 children

The protective shield of angel light is a wonderful method that you can teach your children, if they are experiencing anxiety about situations that they must engage in, such as at school.

My daughter, who was 7 years old at the time, met one of her angels during the sniper attacks in the Washington DC area after 9/11. The attacks were happening all around where we lived. She was feeling pretty terrified about all that was going on, and was having a hard time processing her childlike interpretation of things.

One night, when she was in bed and feeling afraid that the snipers might get her, one of her guardian angels appeared to her. Standing next to her bed, this beautiful angel dressed in green, with golden wings, looked at her with tremendous love in her eyes, and my daughter was instantly filled with total peace. She was able to describe the appearance of this angel in great detail. She still maintains a relationship with this angel, whom she calls “Annie”.

Your children may or may not see their own guardian angels, but their angels are always there for them. You can teach them to ask their angels to protect them and surround them with light, as was described above, whenever they are feeling anxious or afraid.

You, yourself, can also ask the angels to surround your young children with protective white light, and to accompany them throughout the day.


You are an important part of the equation

illustration of angel with flowery wings

It is important to know, that when it comes to angelic protection, your consciousness is an important part of the equation.

The angels can best help you if you function as a co-creative consciousness with them. This means listening to your intuition, and taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. It is not helpful to view the angels as a shortcut to bypass your own human evolution.

Angels are not here to tell us what to do, or to act as a substitute for our own common sense. It doesn’t work to try to make them responsible for the outcomes in our lives. They are beautiful guides and messengers, but we are responsible for what we do.

Angels are a divine gift from our creator, and act as amazing companions that only wish to love us and serve as guides in our individual evolution. They are not here to control us or to take over our human responsibilities. They love each one of us unconditionally, with the same love as our creator, and are happy to assist us in empowering ourselves.

Take advantage of their divine friendship and ask for their comfort and protection, whenever you feel the need.

angel image with wings

Do you have any stories of connecting with your angels and receiving their help? Share your thoughts with me on this topic in the comments below.