The Power of Gratitude

March 13th, 2016 | 22 comments
The Power of Gratitude

We often think of gratitude as a nice thing to feel because it’s always good to appreciate things. But there is a power that underlies gratitude that affects the very fabric of our entire life’s experience.

The deepest form of gratitude is directly connected to our experience of time and our ability to live in the now. Without it, we are forever caught in a past – future experience, which gravely compromises our ability to create a meaningful life.

There is far more to living in a state of gratitude than you may have realized. In fact, gratitude and appreciation are directly connected to how conscious we can be overall.


Living in the Now

Although our minds tend to be preoccupied with the past and the future much of the time, we don’t actually live there. The only place we can ever live is in the Now. No matter what you are experiencing, you are always experiencing it right now.

Even memory is experienced in the now. Each time you remember something from the past, your experience of remembering takes place in the now. It does not take place in the past. And our fantasies about the future likewise can only occur right now. Ironically, this actually proves that time doesn’t really exist! Life is only ever experienced in the exact moment of now.

The deepest form of gratitude can only occur in the now. It occurs in a place where there is literally no reference to past and future. This level of gratitude is the deepest form of sensuality because it means that you are sensing as much as possible in this infinite moment of now. It means that you are fully conscious of the space in which life is actually being experienced.

It means that you are fully conscious of your experience in the space in which you actually live, which is the space of now.


There is No Fear in the Space of Now

Fear requires two reference points in order to exist. It must reference past and future. Think for a moment about something that you are afraid of. You will note that there is a reference to the past, in terms of why you have that fear. And there is also a reference to the future in terms of something that might take place later on – even if that ‘later on’ is just one moment away.

If you remove the references to past and future, you will find that it is impossible to feel fear. Fear cannot exist in the purest moment of now.

Fear supplants consciousness. In fact, you could say that fear produces an absence of consciousness. When you are afraid, you are not fully present.

You can only feel gratitude to the extent that you can be fully present. So focusing on gratitude will encourage your consciousness to come back into the now. It brings you back into a state of happiness because it focuses all of your senses on what can be experienced right now. What is experienced right now is the essence of life itself, which always puts one into a state of peace and joy.


Gratitude Will Awaken You

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Gratitude will awaken you to your life in the moment. And that is always positive. It forces you to look around and feel what you have right now. It quiets the mind and soothes the soul. It tells you that everything is all right. It forces you to open your senses and acknowledge the massive beauty that exists all around you. 

Gratitude brings you back into yourself again. It reminds you that nothing matters except the life that you have right now. Because the life you have right now is truly all that you are capable of experiencing. Because now is the only place in which you live.

Gratitude wakes you up and makes you conscious. It makes you more interested in experiencing the wealth of life right now, and less interested in the distracted, thinking mind. It makes you feel more alive!


The Power to Create

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Gratitude brings with it an awesome power to create. Some believe that gratitude can make you complacent because if you are satisfied with what is, you may lose your ambition and desire to create something more. But complacency is not the state of a creator. It is not your natural state. A creator is not a stagnant being.

Because gratitude makes you feel vital and alive, it also energizes you to create more of what you are grateful for. It causes you to feel even more engaged with life because you appreciate it so much.

Gratitude gives you the traction to create because it causes you to be fully present in the now. Because you are more conscious, you think more intelligently. Because you are more conscious, you are more open and receptive to inspiration and new ideas.

The traction to create also occurs because you are more grounded when in a state of gratitude. You are more awake and present in every area of your life. It causes you to think differently and in a more productive way.

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Gratitude and Self-Esteem

Gratitude will absolutely lead to a higher state of self-esteem and self-love. It removes bitterness and regret. It is a state of self-acceptance, and the overall embrace of life as it exists right now. 

It is impossible not to love yourself and your life when experiencing a state of gratitude. Ultimately, the feeling of gratitude is what results when you are truly experiencing your life right now without the unconscious elements of fear and regret.

Think about the negative things that go away when you are in a state of gratitude. Things like anger, self-judgement, self-recrimination, guilt, fear, despair, loneliness, stress, and an entire array of other debilitating negatives.

Now think about the numerous gifts that gratitude bestows upon you such as peace, happiness, inspiration, love, fulfillment, an enthusiasm for life, and a desire to create more of what you already enjoy. It puts you into harmony with your life right now. And that can only lead to even more goodness!


The Overall Benefits

In order to enjoy life, we have to be fully present. Enjoying life and appreciation go hand-in-hand. In order to enjoy life, you have to feel it. You have to open up to your life as it is right now.

That doesn’t mean that you are satisfied with things the way they are, as some sort of status-quo. It doesn’t refer to an unconscious comfort zone. Comfort zones are about resistance. They are not about appreciation. Appreciation awakens you. Comfort zones put you to sleep.

The larger benefit of gratitude is that it awakens you to your life’s essence. It makes you feel alive and grounded. It inspires you to create and to go for your dreams because you love life and feel that you deserve it. It causes you to live in full acceptance of yourself, and to then experience a natural desire to improve on that experience by becoming even more conscious.

Overall, gratitude places you on an upward spiral of consciousness to become the absolute best that you can be, and to live the life that you love!

Have you seen positive results in your life when you consciously engage in gratitude? Share your thoughts with me on this topic in the comments below! 


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