Powerful Angels Are With You

September 26th, 2016 | 31 comments
Powerful Angels Are With You

Life on Earth can sometimes cause us to feel rather alone, especially when it comes to the deep spirituality of our inner beings. This is because we live in a duality where each thing is identified by its separation from all other things. At its most extreme level, this condition causes us to perceive that we are even separated from God. Fortunately, this separation is just an illusion, and angels are there to act as our bridge to the Divine when we forget who we really are.

The word “angel” literally means messenger from God. In its purest form, the word angel refers to celestial beings of the highest light and love, who can exert a powerful, positive influence in our lives if we feel inclined to ask for their help.

People often refer to departed loved ones and friends as their angels. Although these departed loved ones may assist us in life out of love and relationship, they are still human beings on their own journey of evolution. In this writing, I want to refer specifically to the celestial angels that emerge from Infinite Love and Divine Oneness.


Guardian Angels

Everyone has at least two guardian angels, and sometimes more. These angels stay with you for life. It is not unusual to be made aware of your guardian angel when going through a very difficult time. An example of this occurred with my daughter, Allegra, when she was a little girl of seven years old. Here is how she relayed the event:

It happened during the autumn of the beltway sniper attacks in the Washington D.C. area, in the year after 9/11. We were living in the D.C. area at the time, and there was a great deal of fear and terror going on everywhere when these attacks began occurring on a regular basis.

My daughter was having trouble sleeping at night because of this public climate of high anxiety. In her childhood mind, she was fearful that the sniper might be able to shoot her through her bedroom window.

One night, a beautiful angel appeared next to her bed. Allegra was able to describe this angel in vivid detail. As soon as the angel appeared, my child felt an overwhelming sense of peace and protection wash over her, and she felt completely comforted that everything would be okay. Years later, she reconnected with this angel during another difficult time when she asked for help. She was able to recognize this angel as one of her guardian angels.


Specialty Angels

divine-love-angels-miracles-spiritual-guidanceThere are countless different angels who specialize in helping with various areas of life. The one thing that they all have in common is that they always carry the highest vibration of love and light. They are peaceful, kind, and always respectful of our free will. For this reason, it is important to specifically ask for their help. They will not intervene with their guidance unless we first request it.

Celestial angels will not give you orders or tell you what to do. You are the master of your own destiny. These beautiful angels will inspire you with ideas, or guide you toward options that you may have previously missed. They are deeply respectful, allowing you to learn from your own experience. They function as loving, celestial  friends.

Angels do not seek to be worshipped. They are simply here to help us reach a higher level of consciousness. We human beings actually share a similar desire to help each other, whenever we live from our hearts. Remember that in truth, such actions of assistance are always inspired by love.

If you want angelic assistance in a specific area of your life, you simply have to ask. Here are a couple of examples:

angelic-guidance-angel-blessings-spiritual“Angels, please help me to resolve this issue around my finances.., with this person.., or with my health.”

“Angels, please help me to see what I am missing in this situation. What can I do to move things in a more positive direction?”

The angels will respond to you, as long as you don’t make it too conditional. If you have already decided what you want the answer to be, then you make it difficult to receive what could be an even better answer from your angels.

Oftentimes, the answer will come in the form of a new inspired idea that you suddenly think of. You will be able to feel a rightness in your heart about this answer. You will be filled with a knowingness that this answer will certainly move things in a better direction.

Another way that the angels can answer our requests for help is to arrange synchronous events that are more aligned with what we sincerely want in our hearts, and lead us more quickly to our goals.


The Powerful Archangels

The archangels are the highest order of angels that are directly involved in helping us on planet Earth. Archangels are the chief messengers from God, and are extremely powerful. They also function as powerful stewards of our planet’s overall evolution.

The archangels function in a holistic context of Earth’s larger evolutionary direction. It is within this larger context that they prefer to help us. It is never wise to limit our belief in the power of these angels, because in doing so we only limit ourselves. Remember that the angels can only respond to us to the extent that we ask for their help, and are willing to be open to more positive, enlightened solutions.

Archangels are non-denominational, and will work with anyone regardless of their religion, or lack thereof.  Here is a list of some of the more popular archangels, and their specialties:


Archangel Michael:


Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God”. This is an extremely powerful angel who is best known for protection. He is especially known for dealing with the topic of fear. Archangel Michael can also help with guidance related to life purpose.

Archangel Raphael:


Raphael’s name means “God heals”. This powerful angel is best known as the angel of healing. You can call upon him for assistance with any issues related to health, for humans or for animals.


Archangel Gabriel:

This angel’s name means “The strength of God”. Archangel Gabriel helps with any issues involving children, and is also excellent at assisting with anything involving communication, including teaching, writing, and the arts.


Archangel Uriel:


Uriel’s name means “The light of God”. This angel is wonderful for helping with insights, new ideas, and intellectual pursuits. You can call upon this angel for help with learning, studying, and acquiring information.


Archangel Chamuel:

This archangel’s name means “He who sees God”. This angel is best known for helping people to find things. This can include finding practical items and finding solutions to problems, as well as finding inner peace.


Archangel Metatron:


There is uncertainty as to the origin of this angel’s name. Metatron is widely known for help with healing via the principles of sacred geometry. This is a wonderful angel to call upon to clear your energy field and align your vibration in a harmonious way.

This is a very tiny list of what Archangels are actually capable of. The truth is that we cannot know the fullest extent of their capabilities until we, as a human species, are prepared to evolve to a level that matches those larger capabilities overall.


There is an overall abundance of angelic help

celestial-angel-light-love-divinity-god-peaceThis is only the beginning of how angels assist us in our everyday lives. The thing you should remember is that you are never alone, and even if you can’t see your angels, they are always there to watch over you and guide you, especially if you ask for their help.

Some people worry that accepting help from the angels is an affront to our creator. They believe that we should only seek to interact with God directly. But this belief does not account for the fact that our universe is filled with many gifts from God that we interact with every day, including each other. Angels are only one of many gifts that are provided to us to make our life easier, and our way more peaceful. We can be deeply grateful for their divine presence in our lives.

Angels are a gift from our creator to help us navigate this very difficult situation of living on planet Earth. They are dear, celestial friends who respect us and love us unconditionally. Their only desire is to help us find our way toward a better, happier life, and a higher way of living in the light and love of our creator.

Ultimately, the angels seek to guide us back toward our infinite home in the Real Universe of Divine Love, and ever-present Peace.


Do you have a sense of angels watching over you? What are your feelings about angels in general? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!