The Single, Most Powerful Thing You Can Do

February 8th, 2015 | 24 comments
The Single, Most Powerful Thing You Can Do

As human beings, we naturally strive to improve ourselves and our world. However our efforts can often seem fragmented and confusing, even to ourselves. We tend to look at everything as the sum of the parts. In other words, we believe that if we can assemble enough good efforts, it will eventually add up to a positive personal change or a change in our world.

This often does not work out well because there are so many unexpected things that get in the way. In addition, we have certain habits that are not inclined to disappear easily. It is all too easy to become confused and want to give up. Let’s see if we can consolidate our efforts into a one-pointed focus of energy and receive far more powerful results.

We are fundamentally infinite beings of light. We are love at our core. This truth tends to get broken up as it is filtered through our fragmented perception of ourselves as separate individuals who experience limitation and incongruence in nearly every area of life. We tend to see ourselves as the sum of our many parts. Those parts may consist of our physical, mental, and emotional selves. They consist of our past, our perceived future, and what we believe everyone else thinks of us. They consist of what we think of ourselves.

These parts also consist of our accomplishments, our failures, our possessions, and our relationships. They consist of our likes and our dislikes. They consist of what we think about others, our judgements, our personal weaknesses, and our strengths. And then there are the countless smaller issues that branch off from each of these larger parts. No wonder life can be so confusing. It seems like it would take a master organizer to figure all of this out!

Of course we are unable to organize all of this on a conscious level. Instead, we develop habits of thinking and behavior that keep it all glued together. We are able to function this way on a daily basis, but here’s when it becomes a problem. It becomes a problem when we want to experience power, creativity, positive change, and have an impact on our own lives and in the world. It often becomes a problem when we simply want to be happy.

So what’s the solution? The solution is to find the one powerful element about ourselves that is common to all of these different parts. That element is the light of our experience. It is the light of who we are. It is the consciousness and love that experiences all of these parts. It is the one unifying force that lets us know who we are. This force of light that is us has a superior, divine intelligence. It is what generates the pure love of the heart. When you remove all the perceptions of fragmentation, this force of consciousness is powerful indeed. It is a gentle, conscious power that holds unparalleled wisdom about our lives.

Some people refer to this power as the higher self. I like to call it the true self; the self that is unadulterated by fragmentation and perceives with absolute clarity from an infinite place. This true self is not “up in the sky” somewhere. It is not in some other dimension. It is right here with us, behind our every breath. The key is to shift our center of reference from our fragmented perception to the wholeness of our true self.

Have you ever noticed that you don’t really change? No matter what happens to you and no matter what you do, you remain purposefully aware of yourself at all times. This awareness is the real self. It is so utterly pure, so absolute in its constancy, that you may not even notice it. Yet you’re never confused about who the things in your life are happening to, are you? They are always happening to that constant person who is you. You don’t look in the mirror every morning and say, “Who is that again?” You don’t cut yourself and say, “I wonder who that happened to?” You don’t receive flowers from someone and act confused about who they are for. You don’t have someone hug you and then say to yourself, “Who just got hugged? Was it me or my neighbor?” Of course not. You are the constant in your own life.

You might be confused about the elements in your life, but you are never confused about who is experiencing them. See if you can pay close attention to this “who” that is you. This being that you are is pure. Unadulterated by negative thoughts, it wants only to give and receive love. In fact, it is love. This means that without the thoughts, the emotions, and even the physical body, this being that experiences all of those things exists as pure love, pure light, and the supreme intelligence of consciousness itself.

The most powerful thing you can do is to shift your point of reference to this being that you are. Shift your main point of reference to this constant of consciousness. It’s as simple as deciding to spend time with yourself in a new way. Instead of merely spending time with your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions, get to know the being that is experiencing those things. There is nothing more powerful than experiencing that you are the infinite consciousness in your own life.

There are several ways that you can do this. Start by realizing that consciousness is light. This means that you are light. Secondly, realize that your pure consciousness does not know negativity. It knows only love. Try to get in touch with that. Pay attention to the fact that all negativity must be preceded by thought. Your pure consciousness exists prior to thought. Any negative thoughts are a product of duality. They have nothing to do with the truth about you. The real you supersedes any and all negativity.

Notice your breath. The power that exists behind your breath is neither positive or negative. It is absolutely pure. It is life force itself. There is so much goodness within you, for you to explore if you simply differentiate between the experiences and the experiencer. Indulge in discovering the treasure that is you. Be the light. Be love. Start by consciously deciding what you will allow into your experience and what you won’t. What do you think the being that is you really wants to experience? Set your sights on that, instead of the confusion.

And finally, notice how different your experience becomes as you do this more and more. You can completely transform yourself and your life if you center on the side of the real, pure you. If you are light, then be light all the time. If you are love, then let that love manifest in your thoughts and actions on a daily basis. Give the real you a chance to come to the fore. It’s inevitable that you will need to do this, so why not do it now?shutterstock_177538469