Are You Bored?

March 22nd, 2015 | 21 comments
Are You Bored?

Life is a journey. What kind of journey is your life? Are you inspired, creative, and excited? Or are you bored because everything seems so routine and predictable? And finally, what makes the difference between these two experiences? It all has to do with the context that you establish for living.

There are two main ways to establish a context for life.The first way is to see life as a profound, unpredictable journey of evolution where you are divinely guided by a love that is bigger than yourself. This is the way of seeing life as a magical, mystical event that unfolds with the beauty of daily unexpected surprises. This is the way of curiosity, exploration, and feeling altogether conscious and alive! It is the way of miracles. In this context, you walk hand-in-hand with the Divine. You live a purposeful, exciting life as a co-creator with God.

The second way is to see life as a journey whereby you attempt to master the art of doing what you are supposed to do according to society and other people. Your goal is to please others and get as much positive feedback as you can. The only way you know that you are doing a good job is when other people tell you.

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