The Ego vs. Your True Self

May 8th, 2016 | 19 comments
The Ego vs. Your True Self

Lately I have noticed that some people are promoting the idea that the ego is your friend. According to some, we can make friends with our egos, work with them, and have a much better life. Really? Wow! Let’s examine this idea more closely.

Firstly, we must identify what the ego is. And we know for a fact that it is not divine, nor is it a product of our highest self. How do we know this? Because the ego never speaks from love. The fundamental matrix upon which the ego bases all of its logic is mathematical. It is ultimately sourced in division. The ego thrives in the duality of contrast, in the form of this or that, right or wrong, and good or bad.

The next thing that we must note about the ego is that it is fundamentally negative. Even if it says something good about you, it will always be at the expense of someone else. The ego never says anything that can stand on its own as a self-sustaining truth. It must point out a contrast somewhere about everything it says.

And just to be clear, in case you are unsure, the voice of the ego is easy to discern. It’s that annoying speaking voice in your head that never goes away, and is fond of keeping you awake at night worrying about all kinds of negative potentialities.

The ego has a nifty trick to fool you into thinking that it’s your own voice that you are listening to. This trick is so stupidly simple, that you are likely to miss it altogether. The trick is to use the word “I” whenever it presents you with its negative ideas, so that you will think it is you coming up with this unpleasant stuff.


The Real You

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Before we continue about the ego, let’s clarify a few things about your true self. Your real self does not express itself through the mind. It expresses through the heart.

The arrangement as it is meant to be is simple. Your heart is directly connected to God. You are a creation of the infinite love of God, and a direct extension of that infinite power of love. This means that the real you is literally made of love and nothing else.

So it looks like this:  First there is God’s infinite love – then you are created in the form of a divine human presence made of the same love – then that divine human presence is felt and expressed through the human heart.

Where does the mind fit into this picture? Well, that’s a simple answer when things are lined up as they should be. The mind is meant to exist as a humble servant to the heart. The mind is meant to take the heart’s directive, and create a way to implement that divine directive through the physical body in the form of a life’s purpose.

This all sounds great, doesn’t it? A perfectly beautiful flow of divinity into the world through the real, authentic, divine you.

You might have noticed that the ego is not mentioned in this sequence. In fact, you may notice that in this sequence, the ego is not needed at all! Hmm….


How does the ego insert itself into your divinity?

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The ego is literally a false self that manifests out of a belief that there is something called “not God” or a belief that “God is not here”.  This belief exists as a manifesting lie because it is simply not true!

Infinite in its truest sense is not a mathematical term. It does not refer to an endless series of numbers or parts, such as in the concept of an infinitely growing fractal. The true definition of infinite is all-present. So God, being infinite love, means that such a love is all-present, or omnipresent. Which clearly demonstrates that there is no such thing as a place where this love “is not”.

Thus you can see the manifesting lie of anything that purports to be “not God”. The definition of a manifesting lie is simple. It’s what is known as an illusion. So each time we experience any evidence that “God is not here” such as in incidents of violence or hate, it means that this lie is literally manifesting in a physical way. It means that there is an illusion manifesting in physical, 3-D form. So we experience this illusion, and understandably call it real. It’s a real illusion actually manifesting!

If you have ever wondered how our world of duality got created, it’s simple. If you believe a lie called “God is not here”, then that means that God has to be somewhere other than here, wherever “here” is. In other words, you have now created two possibilities in terms of where God can be; here and there. Such as in the concept of “heaven and Earth” or “heaven and hell”. And out of this arises a cornucopia of dualistic manifestations like good and bad, right and wrong, darkness and light, etc…

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The most ravaging part of this manifesting duality occurs right inside of our own psyche. It’s why you experience yourself to be both good and bad, and right and wrong. It’s exactly what creates the alternative self called the ego. The ego is the part of your experience that wants to convince you that there is a place in your life where God is not. That place is the domain of the ego. The ego’s world is the place where God is not. If such a place can pretend to exist within you, and then literally manifest in your experience, then you are in trouble. And on planet Earth, as it now stands, every living being suffers from this tragic state of affairs. It’s why we have wars. It’s why people kill and torture each other. It’s why there is fear, pain, death, and suffering. All of these things exist as the physically manifesting illusions of places where God is supposedly “not”.


The ego is not your friend

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The idea that this false, alternative self, who constantly promotes the idea that God has abandoned you, is somehow your friend is utterly preposterous. It is also a very dangerous game to play, if you care anything about Earth’s evolution into a higher place of divinity and love.

Just because the ego exists does not mean it’s a good thing, for heaven’s sake! And if we try to make it so, it simply means that we have fully succumbed to this manifesting illusion. It means that we are lying to ourselves in attempting to adopt it and embrace it as our own. If we could successfully do this, which fortunately we can’t, then all hope would be lost.

The ego will betray you at every turn, and you know this because you have experienced it repeatedly in your life. It will convince you to do things that will cause you harm, and then when you do those very things, it will berate you endlessly for being such a fool. If it tells you you are great, it’s because someone else is terrible. If it tells you you are terrible, it’s because someone else is great. No one wins when in the company of this phantom self!

Ultimately, the ego rules with its scepter of fear. It uses brutal intimidation tactics to convince you that you can’t do anything that you truly want to do. It serves you a non-stop diet of horrible images about yourself and others to convince you to stay in your place and not change anything about your life.

We, as a human species, have gotten so used to these endless intimidation tactics that we actually think it is normal. We think it is us just being ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth!


What to do about the ego

The first thing to do about the ego is to step away from it and see it for what it is. Recognize its incessantly negative “talk” in your head and refuse to listen to it anymore. Stop giving it equal time and credibility.

Next, you should spend more time listening to your heart. The human heart has been so buried under the crushing intimidation of the fear-based ego, that many people don’t even know that they have a heart anymore. It is not at all uncommon for a person to say they have no idea where their heart is!

Look at all of this in a very simple way. Your heart, which reflects your true self,  always speaks from love. The ego, which is a manifestation of a phantom self that purports where God is not, always speaks from fear.

If you start from this simple recognition, you can begin to place more emphasis on your heart, and less emphasis on the fear-based ego. You can start exercising real discernment in your life, and begin to heal your consciousness from the ravaging effects of the ego’s insanity.

You carry the natural antidote to the ego right inside of yourself. It is the divine love of God which always exists in your heart. That love has endless patience, and just waits for you to connect and listen to all the answers you could ever want. No matter what you have been through, or what you have done, that love awaits you with healing and kindness. Go there and begin to heal. Go there and feel the peace of a world that is whole. Let it make you whole again.

hearts and love


Do you get tired of the negative thoughts that are generated by the ego? What would your life be like if you listened to the love in your heart instead? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!