The Power of Focus

February 7th, 2016 | 7 comments
The Power of Focus

One of the most important faculties we possess is the ability to focus. Focus acts in our lives in a similar way that a steering wheel functions in a car. Without it, we find ourselves lacking direction and feeling confused. We also run the risk of facing unintended consequences from being unconscious about our direction in life.

Let us begin by highlighting our true nature. Our true nature is clarity of purpose and the knowledge of why we are here. We are infinite beings with an exceedingly high level of intelligence.

So, if that is the case, then why is life so difficult? Life is difficult because it is riddled with distractions, some of which exist inside of our minds, and many of which exist outside of ourselves.


Why is it difficult to focus?

When we are born, we are perfectly prepared to focus and grow into a natural ability to develop our innate talents and gifts. We are very much ready to fulfill our life’s purpose. Childhood is intended to recognize each of us as a unique individual, and to provide the necessary support and love to bring our talents and gifts to a mature fruition.

unfocused student looking boredOf course, that’s not what usually happens, is it? Instead, we are told to conform and learn to accept many things that go against our natural state of being. We are taught that we must learn to go against ourselves.

Wherever we don’t succeed at this, we receive the distinct message that there is something inherently wrong with us. So we force ourselves to fit into a pre-ordained mold, in order to receive approval and acceptance.

This is where our ability to focus begins to disintegrate. It disintegrates when we are no longer living in a way that integrates with our unique, individual selves. And this causes deep pain.

man looking disengaged from workSo we teach ourselves to live with that pain. And in order to not feel the pain, we go unconscious. We go unconscious with distractions. The distractions serve to numb our feelings, and eclipse the incongruent nature of our lives.

We are also attracted to distractions for another reason. In our attempts to live a life that goes against our deepest nature, we become fearful and insecure. Although we may have become very good at disciplining ourselves to follow our prescribed routines, underneath it all, we know this is not who we really are.

We become frightened by our lack of feeling centered and grounded at our core. Thus, our brains are subconsciously on the lookout for any incoming disaster, due to the profound level of insecurity that is created by going against ourselves.

cartoon of bored woman making paper airplanes at deskAs we subconsciously scan our lives for unseen dangers, we also become highly susceptible to distractions. We become much more willing to fixate on those distractions, as a balm to soothe the fear and promote a greater degree of numbness to our deeper, innermost feelings.

But the distractions only serve to turn us away from ourselves even more. Which is why we usually feel terrible after we indulge in them.

Thus reconnecting with our deepest selves includes a level of pain that we simply cannot bear. It’s not that we don’t love ourselves. It’s that we can’t bear the pain of witnessing the life’s mirror that reflects the degree to which we have abandoned our hearts.

All of this is what is standing in the way of our ability to exercise our powerful capability to focus.


What makes the ability to focus a power?

2 hands holding candle

Focus is the power of clear, uninterrupted intention, that arises from our deepest selves and is aligned with our truest nature. It is one of the many powers that we possess that enables us to live as creators.

In order to tap into that power at its highest level, we must also tap into our deepest feelings. The thing that gives power to focus is the energy that arises from our truest, deepest selves.

It should be noted that this deeper, truer energy is also the energy of love. Love is what lies at the bottom of whatever pile of misfortunes we may have endured. Wherever we have allowed other things to eclipse that love, we will feel fearful and insecure. And the more we allow those things to eclipse our love, the less we will be able to experience ourselves.

Love is the light of certainty, and focus exists as our ability to direct that light into creation. Focus arises from a natural coherency with our deepest selves. It best arises from the foundation of love that is who we really are.


How can we restore our ability to focus?

First, we must dig deep down into ourselves. We must bypass all of the bad things that have happened in our lives, and rediscover what lies underneath. We must go back to the beginning of who we were born to be.

man balancing on tightropeIt helps to acknowledge that Earth in its finite state is fraught with peril, and literally no one passes through here unscathed. The knowledge of this may help you to let go and not expect that perhaps things could have been better for you. It may help you to let go of regret.

Whatever layers of pain you may have accumulated in your life, realize that those layers of pain are merely sediment lying on top of the most beautiful treasure. That beautiful treasure is the purest essence of who you are as love, and of who you were born to be in this world. It doesn’t matter how many bad experiences you may have piled on top of that, nothing can destroy that truth or take it away.

The real, most beautiful you cannot be eliminated.

When you get in touch with that deepest self, give it room to arise like a fountain of light and fresh air. Step aside and allow yourself to come back to life!

peaceful woman by the sea

Now see what that self inspires you to do. Where do you want to go in your life? What do you want to do to create congruency with that self and finally bring yourself some peace? Living in harmony with oneself creates a peaceful sense of resonance. It also creates stability and certainty. Don’t let the bad experiences rob you of your birthright to be happy.

When you come into alignment with yourself, and accept yourself underneath all of the falsehoods, you will also be aligning with God. When you give yourself air to breathe, you will find yourself to be a funnel of inspiration. Your innermost self will willingly serve you with the most heartfelt intention to focus on. It will let you know what to create.

And thus, you will begin to experience the power of uninterrupted focus, that is backed by your deepest self. You will reclaim your ability to focus on creating what you truly want.


woman with arms extended in sunlight


Have you ever thought of this approach to focus? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!