The World Needs Your Light

June 21st, 2015 | 21 comments
The World Needs Your Light

If you pay attention to the news, you can see that the world is virtually in flames with suffering. This includes human beings along with plants and animals. In fact, did you know that along with our own human troubles, we are at the beginning of the sixth great mass extinction event on planet Earth? (The last one was the dinosaurs.)

Perhaps positive thinking dictates that we don’t ponder such obvious atrocities. Yet those of us on this planet who are better off than most have a moral obligation to do so.

The majority of people on this planet may be experiencing too much suffering to have the luxury of contemplating human and planetary evolution. But there are a great many of us who can certainly afford to do so.

EarthLet’s put this in exceedingly simple terms. Our planet is experiencing increasing levels of darkness in the form of struggle, pain, confusion, and overall misery. Darkness can be defined as the absence of light. Where there is light, there is love, peace, harmony, and happiness.

That’s not too complicated, is it?

So what’s up with all this darkness? As strange as this may sound, it’s not about the darkness. It’s about the absence of light. Therefore, the only real issue is about the light.

Look at it this way. If you go outside on a sunny day and stand next to a large, opaque object, you will notice that this opaque object casts a shadow. It eclipses the light. What would happen if you focused on the shadow itself? What if you wanted to get rid of the shadow?

Try this little experiment. Go outside and find a shadow on a sunny day. Now try to get rid of the shadow. What are you going to do? Well, you could try yelling at the shadow and scaring it off. Maybe you could get a broom and try to sweep it away. Perhaps you could even get a bucket of soapy water and try to wash it away.

shadowsGuess what. There is nothing you can do to get rid of that shadow, is there? Except for one thing. You can remove whatever object is blocking the light. In which case you’re not focused on the shadow anymore. You are focused on the fact that you want to see the light.

Our situation on planet Earth is very much like this. The shadow represents what happens when the light of divine love is blocked. The effects of that blockage are fear, pain, suffering, and confusion. We can wrestle with the suffering all we want, but it will be about as futile as wrestling with a shadow.

Is it really the darkness that we should be concerned with? Or should we be more concerned with the experience of missing love and light? Where is the love and where is the light? Clearly, something is blocking it.

We are experiencing the collective effects of that blockage, but we rarely think about the blockage itself.

So let’s reevaluate our situation. We know that we need and crave the experience of divine, infinite love and light. We also know that there is increasingly little evidence of that here on a collective, planetary scale.

Let’s stop focusing on the shadow. Instead, let’s reposition ourselves to think about what is blocking our positive experience of love and light.

Let’s start with what is happening inside of ourselves. As human beings, that light is the source of our very essence. So why don’t we experience it? It is fundamentally due to negative belief systems that tell us that God is on the outside. Somewhere up in space, and nobody knows exactly where.

And then we have the religions that tell us that this invisible God is up there somewhere judging and evaluating our every move. So naturally, with this belief, we begin to feel unworthy of God’s love.

people making shadowWhat is blocking our experience at this fundamental level is the fact that these beliefs are not true. Just like the opaque object in the sun, that which is not true eclipses what is true.

If we believe what is not true, we will experience that belief as a manifesting illusion. Our illusion in this case will be that God is somewhere else and not within us. In this case, confusion, pain, and suffering will reign on our planet. These are the consequences of this false belief.

So what is the answer? The answer starts with those of us who are comfortable enough that we have the emotional, physical, and mental wherewithal to confront this spiritual lie within ourselves. Confronting this lie is the equivalent of removing the opaque object that blocks the sun. Removing the lie lets that light shine again within our individual experience.

There are currently untold millions of people on our planet suffering and in total survival. That is a very difficult situation in which to contemplate spiritual and personal growth. A person who is running for their life in a war zone or desperately trying to survive due to a lack of food and water is probably not sitting down on a comfy pillow meditating every morning.

But that is likely not your situation if you are reading this, is it? So what can those of us who are more fortunate do?

hands of lightWe can start by understanding that who we are and what we experience contributes to the planetary whole. We are part of a collective humanity. We are not separate.

In a situation with as much darkness as this planet is currently experiencing, every bit of light is desperately needed. Those of us who are more fortunate are most likely the first people who can wake up. Because we can afford the time and the energy to do so.

The world needs your light now more than ever. We owe it to those people among us who are in no position to contemplate such things due to no fault of their own. We are all in this together because we share this planetary environment.

We can each live as the light rather than contribute further to the darkness. Remove the lie that God is not within you. Remove the lie from your consciousness that you are somehow unworthy of God’s love. That is a preposterous notion when God is infinite love.

woman meditatingEmbrace, accept, and cultivate that divine light within you. Pray for it. Meditate to find it. Let yourself believe what your heart knows to be true.

We each play a powerful role in this planet’s evolution if we choose to do so. You can make that choice today.

Namasté and Blessings

How do you feel about this topic? Do you feel that we can aid the overall planetary environment if we connect with the light within and then live that truth? I’d love it if you would share your own thoughts on this below!