Tune into Angelic Love

September 17th, 2014 | 36 comments
Tune into Angelic Love

Angels are one of the most profound and beautiful gifts that are provided for each of us, as a sign of God’s divine love. We each have what are referred to as guardian angels. I like to think of them as guiding angels or angelic friends. Their relationship to each of us is deeply personal, and a product of the fact that divine, omnipresent love is always with us.

Sometimes people don’t believe that such guiding forces of light and love exist around them personally. This is generally the result of a false sense of unworthiness, or the belief that there is no visible sign of such infinite benevolence in a person’s life. Let’s address these two misconceptions.

The first misconception, that one is unworthy, is factually false. If you are alive, then you are absolutely considered worthy to be here. In spite of any person’s perceived mistakes, God’s love still shines with infinite brightness upon every living soul, and help is always available to a sincere heart. For those who don’t believe that they have special angels supporting them, because they see no visible sign of such a thing, let me offer you a few tips to help you understand how to work with your angels effectively.

The first thing you should know is that in order for your angels to help you with a specific situation, you must first ask for that help. Your angels know everything about you from a context that is much larger than what you perceive in your everyday life. They really do know the bigger picture. The immutable law that they will always follow is to preserve and protect your free will. It is true that they protect and guide you in ways that you don’t even see, but they will always respect the overarching focus of life in this universe, which is self-determined evolution. In fact, on a planetary scale, if humanity as a whole does not care about our current, collective situation, then there is no amount of help in the entire universe that can come to our aid. That’s how powerful this law of free will really is.

There is no question that your angels are always available to support you individually with divine love. Here’s what you can do to enhance that relationship. If you are struggling with anything at all, you can simply ask your angels to help guide you to a positive solution. Oftentimes, that guidance will come in the form of an inspired idea that suddenly occurs to you. Or you may suddenly see something in a way that you never saw it before, thereby showing you a new pathway to resolution. I have found that the most effective angelic guidance comes in these simple ways, because it wholly honors your sense of sovereignty as a being.

Some people try to connect with their angels through automatic writing, or through having a dialogue with angels “in their head”, as they look for answers in words. I do not recommend this. First of all, it is not necessary, and secondly, unless you are formally trained by a qualified professional in how to do this safely, you risk becoming highly confused. You will find it difficult to tell if you are just listening to your own thoughts. And worse yet, you might unwittingly open yourself up to certain inter-dimensional energies that may not be operating in your best interest.

Angels are absolute experts at providing loving guidance, without having to “talk” to you in words. It is so much better to keep your center and experience your own inspiration. Your angels have been with you all your life, and already know how to guide you in perfect synchronicity with your true self and your highest good. This is not new for them! By asking them for specific help in certain areas, you simply provide them with a greater opportunity to help you even more.

Asking your angels for help is very easy to do. All you have to do is say something simple and from the heart like, “Dearest angels, please guide me toward a positive and loving solution to this problem.” Or you might say something like, “Angels, please help me to better understand this situation and what I can do about it, that is in the best interest of all parties involved.” Always ask for that which will elevate your situation in a positive way, and bring more harmony, peace, and love into your life. With your simple, heartfelt request, your angels can lovingly guide you towards the answer or solution that you seek.

If you ever feel that your angels are not responding to your request in ways that you can see, you can ask for help in experiencing greater clarity. One thing that can obstruct your sense of clarity is if you place too many conditions on the outcome. Without realizing it, your conditions might create a situation that cannot be solved in the best possible way. The other thing that can obstruct your clarity is if you are holding onto negative opinions and attitudes. This can block you from receiving the answers that you seek.

Whatever help you receive from your angels will be designed to elevate your consciousness and bring you closer to the qualities of divine, omnipresent love. The more that you seek that type of outcome, the better able your angels will be to directly respond to your sincere requests.

Leave me a comment below, and tell me in what area of your life you would like to receive angelic assistance. Or just leave a comment regarding any thoughts you have about angels in general. I’d love to see your voice in the conversation!