The Ultimate Secret to Weight Loss

August 9th, 2015 | 11 comments
The Ultimate Secret to Weight Loss

Why is weight loss so difficult to achieve? I am going to share with you some secrets that I am certain you haven’t heard before. There are some basic concepts that are entirely missing in many, if not all weight loss programs, which is why they are so often doomed to fail.

Even if you don’t feel a need or a desire to lose weight, please read this anyway! You will definitely benefit because there are principles that you can apply to achieve what you want in any area regarding your experience of your physical body. These principles can transform the quality of your life.

Let me start with my disclaimer first. I am not about to present you with yet another weight loss program. (ugh!) Instead, I am going to help you with your overall consciousness around this issue. (Just remember to check with your qualified health care professional before embarking on any weight loss or exercise program.)

And just one more quick thing

If you are wondering about my qualifications to talk about this subject, I am also a former fitness professional and ballet dancer. I have extensive training in dance, fitness, and body building.  I have the previous experience of successfully training hundreds of people in the Washington DC area who were interested in having a healthy and fit body. 

But I am not going to be offering you an exercise program either. I want to talk to you about the consciousness that surrounds the subject of your physical body.


What is the problem with most weight loss programs?  

Most weight loss programs focus on two things:  What you eat and how much your body weighs. Does this sound inspiring? Not really! This is a rather dumbed-down way of looking at yourself. You are so much more than an “eating machine” after all!

woman surrounded by foodSo the first problem is the framework. No one wants to think of themselves as a mere machine that eats too much food and too much of the wrong food. And besides, that bad food tastes pretty darn good, doesn’t it?

Basically, this elementary approach puts all of your focus on exactly the thing that is causing the problem in the first place – a focus on food! The idea in many weight loss programs is to focus on food in a different way. But you’re still focused on the food.

And then the way that you measure how well you’re doing with food is to put your body on one of those measuring devices called a scale. (Or maybe it’s a tape measure. Same thing.) The scale is there to tell you if you are succeeding or failing when it comes to what you eat. A rather demeaning way of treating yourself, don’t you think?

So where are you in all of this? Most likely, you are just a slave to the process. In fact, if you need a scale to tell you how you are doing with the process, that is a clear indication that you are not really present inside your own body.

woman holding scaleNo one wants to be treated as though their entire well-being and happiness is connected to what goes in their mouth and how the scale measures that. This is one reason that most diets fail and are unsustainable in the long run.

The other problem with this mentality is that it often presumes a quick fix to the problem. Just eat less overall, and eat more of the right foods for a certain period of time and voilà! Problem solved!

Except not really. As soon as the diet and deprivation are over, guess what. Time to go back to what you were doing before! You succeeded at losing the weight, so now you don’t have to worry about it anymore, right? This “finish line” approach is almost always guaranteed to fail in the longer run.

This is not to say that all weight loss programs are bad. There are probably some really good ones out there. But if you embark on one, you may want to begin by stepping back and taking a look at your overall consciousness first.


The 6 main ways that you are guaranteed to fail

Before we talk about how to succeed at weight loss, let’s talk about some of the ways that you are guaranteed to fail. That way you won’t waste any more time on what doesn’t work.

worried woman

  1. You think it’s all about how much you weigh when you stand on a scale.
  2. You want to lose weight because you hate yourself and the way you look.
  3. You need outside feedback to know how well you’re doing.
  4. You are solely reacting to outside pressure from someone else who insists that you need to lose weight.
  5. You are focused entirely on diet, food, guilt, and deprivation.
  6. You think you can solve this problem in a matter of weeks or a few months.


Take a step back and start over again!

Now that we’ve talked about what doesn’t work, let’s discuss how to succeed!

You have to begin with ascertaining your overall relationship with your physical body and why that is important. You have to get the focus off of food and back into your physical body’s center. And you have to know why that matters to you.

Here is a simple process that can help you move in this positive direction:

woman writing

  • Set aside some quiet time and make a handwritten list of all of your negative thoughts about your body. When you are finished, tear it up and throw it away. Ask your angels to cut any psychic cords of attachment that you may have to these negative beliefs. Now make a clear statement to yourself that you are finished with any and all negative thoughts about your physical body. Offer yourself forgiveness for any mean-spirited thoughts that you previously harbored against yourself.
  • Next do a positive body meditation. Focus on your breathing in order to center yourself and get back into your physical body. If you need help staying focused, music can help with this. Let the vibration and melody of the music enter your body and then follow it as it winds its way through your physical system. In this way, the music can guide your consciousness back into your body.
  • Now write down some positive, body affirmations. Here are a few to get you started:

woman writing in grass

“I love my body.”

“I love to feel my body from the inside out.”

“I love being fully conscious inside my body.”

“I am so excited to create exactly the body that I want.”

“I am so excited to take wonderful care of my physical body.”

“I love being in a physical body. It feels so good!”

Notice that none of these affirmations are about food. The whole idea is to get your attention off of food and shift your consciousness back into a love for your physical body.

The reason this works is because when you hate your physical body, you don’t much care what you put into it or how you treat it. As you begin to love it and to love the experience of being in your body, you will naturally change many of your viewpoints about how you treat yourself. You will begin to feel inspired instead of obligated and guilty.

This process becomes extremely powerful if you do the positive body meditation and affirmations every day.


A Powerful Paradigm Shift for Successful Weight Loss

Here’s where we get down to the bottom line. Successful weight loss is not a formula. It’s not about food and scales. It is all about your ability to find joy in your physical body. You are not seeking ways to eat less. You are seeking ways to find joy in being alive. That should be your first priority.

In order to feel joy in your physical body, you have to be conscious and present in your body. You can’t be checked out and hateful towards yourself. You can’t afford to be unconscious. You have to learn to feel again on a physical level.

yoga classOne of the best ways to feel your physical body from the inside out is to move it. If you sit in a chair all day staring at a screen, you are not going to feel anything. Well, you might feel something. You will definitely feel what it’s like to physically deteriorate. But that’s not joyful, is it?

As sentient beings, we crave the experience of consciousness. We want to feel conscious in our bodies. We want to feel sensation. If you stay physically checked out and unconscious most of the time, the main sensation that may be left for you is eating all of that tasty junk food. So you may begin to crave that as your favored outlet to really feel physical sensation in your life. You may become overly focused on the sensation of taste and eating.

But that’s a pretty small outlet of sensation, isn’t it? And having more and more of those tasty experiences to fill you up is never enough, is it?

What you really want is a whole body sensation that is present all of the time. What you really want is to feel conscious again. You want the sensation of being fully present in your body.

In fact, the idea is to love the experience of whole body consciousness so much that it becomes your primary means of feeling good. In order to do this, you are going to have to physically move. You are going to have to be inspired.

The great thing about this paradigm shift is that your entire mindset will begin to change. You won’t want the excess fat because you will realize that it impedes your ability to feel. Food will become secondary and feeling your body consciously will become your primary, first desire.

In short, you can become physically fulfilled by your own consciousness filling your body. It won’t be necessary to overeat in a failed and unhealthy attempt to create a substitute experience for this.

From this point on, you will become naturally interested in your own health. It won’t be coming from a negative place of self-hate. Instead, it will come from inspiration and joy. You will start to make the connection between good health and the experience of being physically conscious in your own body. Being present and conscious in your body will be the thing that you crave most of all.

This is what is truly sustainable. This is something that, once discovered, you will never get tired of. You can say goodbye to guilt, negative thinking, and all of the other ineffective, soul-crushing attempts to lose weight. It won’t be about weight anymore. It will be about the experience of feeling fully conscious, present, and alive inside your beautiful, physical self.

This is a big topic, and I couldn’t fit it all into one blog post. So I added more  information and some how-to’s in a free “Love Your Body” checklist that you can download now. Just click the box below! 

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Did you find these ideas helpful even if you are not trying to lose weight?  And if you have tried to lose weight, did you succeed or are you still trying to figure it out? I’d love it if you leave me a comment and share your thoughts below 🙂