What is Wrong with Our Planet?

July 26th, 2015 | 17 comments
What is Wrong with Our Planet?

There is a strange discrepancy  between what we know in our hearts to be true, and what we see all around us in terms of the conditions on our planet.

Our hearts tell us that all should be love, and that pain and suffering are wrong and shouldn’t exist. Our hearts do not believe that there is any validity whatsoever in pain. In fact, as human beings, we will do everything we can to avoid the experience of pain altogether.

Yet pain exists, nonetheless. So how do we cope with this fact? When we can’t avoid the experience of pain, we do the next best thing. We rationalize it. We tell ourselves all sorts of fairy tales about why pain, as unpleasant as it is, is necessary. We even go so far as to raise it to the level of a religious, spiritual experience.

We tell ourselves that pain is God’s will. We tend to characterize it as a strange form of either learning or punishment. We try to rationalize its existence by believing that we deserve it. And most religions have ancient stories around why this is so.

All the while that we are telling ourselves that pain and suffering are either some bizarre learning experience or God’s will, we simultaneously insist that God is infinite love. Really? How indeed can these two ideas be reconciled? The truth is that they can’t be.

Rather than confuse ourselves further, let’s settle on one truth. Can we at least settle on the fact that God is love? Can we settle on the fact that infinite love means there is literally nothing else? If we can’t settle on one simple truth about our creator, then there is no hope that we can ever find our way out of this quagmire.

How Do You Explain the Existence of Suffering?

So let’s say that we settle on the fact that God is infinite love. The next, most obvious question is: Then how do you explain the existence of suffering? How do you explain the existence of death?  Well, that’s easy. Something has gone very wrong here!

The suffering on our planet is not limited to just human beings. It exists throughout the realm of all life here, plants and animals included. We can continue to rationalize this for eons, or we can simply acknowledge that this is a major problem!

How do you explain the existence of suffering on Earth? Let's take a step back and examine the situation on this planet.In order to comprehend all of this, you have to be willing to step back from our Earth. You basically have to assume an extraterrestrial context. No, this does not refer to little green men from Mars. This is about stepping back from the problem in order to get a perspective.

Imagine that you came from a realm where the only thing that ever manifested was the infinite love of our creator. That sounds rather coherent, doesn’t it? Why is it that we don’t expect that same level of coherency to exist here?

So let’s say that you come from that beautiful realm of love in creation and you suddenly encounter a place like Earth for the very first time. What will be your immediate reaction?

You will witness the violence, the duality, the fear, the confusion, and the endless stream of suffering. Will you say, “Oh, sure – this makes total sense!” Or will you say, ” Whoa! What in the world is going on here? Something is very wrong on this planet!”

I  submit that you would say the latter. I submit that you would find no justification whatsoever for what you see going on here. In other words, your mind would be clear. You would not be confused.

How do you explain the existence of suffering on Earth? Let's step back for a moment and view this from the perspective of an extraterrestrial.Now what if you actually were some extraterrestrial in this situation and you decided to come down to this planet and talk to the people in order to find out what was going on.

Remember that you are very clear-minded about God and infinite love. You are not at all confused. So you ask the people here about their situation and this is what they say:

“Oh, yes, we find this truly unbearable, but it’s okay because we have discovered ways to cope with it. One of the ways that we cope with it is we have religions that explain to us that this is all for our own good. It’s spiritually necessary to be hurt, because God wants that.”

“Some of us don’t like religion, but that’s okay, too. For those people, we have New Age thinking. This explains to us that suffering is good because it teaches us things we need to know. It’s an important learning experience.”

“And then for anyone left over, we have an additional smorgasbord of explanations. For example, pain and suffering are good because they teach us how to appreciate not experiencing such things. You know, like the best way to appreciate love is to experience not having any.”

Now stay in your clear-minded position of being the extraterrestrial in this conversation. What are you going to think about these very strange responses? You are probably going to see these people as victims of their own confusion. You will also see it as very difficult to help them because they are so given to accepting and justifying the existence of these things. And moreover, how do you help people who have assigned all of this trouble to the will of their creator?

Why Perspective is Important

Perspective determines the result of our situation on planet Earth. Free will is the law of the universe.Perspective is vital because it determines the results of our evolutionary situation. Free will is the law of the universe. If we insist upon assigning the existence of pain and suffering to a God who wants it that way, then we will be left to continue down that path.

People often wonder why there appears to be little or no help for our planetary condition. Why do things just keep getting worse and worse? Well, start by looking at our collective beliefs. If we continue to deem this situation spiritual and necessary, then we shall continue to live through the experience of that discrepancy. We shall continue to live the experience of our literal denial that God is all-loving.

Think about this for a moment. If we insist that pain and suffering are spiritual and God’s will, then we are favoring that belief over our deeper knowledge that God is infinite love.

What is Really Going On?

The answer to this question is simple. We are literally experiencing the duality created by the lie that there is something that is not God. In other words, we start with the truth that God is infinite, ever-expanding love. You cannot tamper with that truth. You cannot change it. But you can lie about it.

I’m not suggesting that we are all walking around deliberately lying. It’s much deeper than that. This is a lie that was created outside of time and space. It literally gives rise to time and space as we know it. It actually gives rise to its very own laws of physics. It is the lie that created the finite universe that we live in.

This lie arose from a very bizarre question. If you were to state this question in English, it would be “In the infinite universe of divine love, everything is known by what it is. What would happen if something were known by what it isn’t?” And thus an instant answer was created in what is known as the finite universe that we live in today.

Everything is a manifestation of infinite, divine Love.This entire finite universe is predicated on a simple duality. It goes like this:

  • The Truth: Everything is a manifestation of infinite, divine love. Everything is a manifestation of “I AM the creator.” “I AM infinite love.”
  • The Lie:  “I am NOT infinite divine love.” “I am NOT the creator.”

Now you may think, “So what? What difference does a lie make, if it’s not true?” Well, it makes a huge difference when that lie manifests as an entire universe in everyone’s experience, as though it were some kind of strange, creative prerogative.

It makes an even bigger difference when we defend it as a necessary part of our spirituality. Even though we may be living in a total illusion, we are going to experience that lie as though it is completely real. And thus you see the violence, pain, death, and suffering that we witness every single day on this Earth.

What’s Next?

What’s next is actually what is first. We have no hope of ever changing what is wrong on this Earth unless we first change our perspective. We have to stop lying to ourselves. We have to assign full credibility to what we know and feel in our hearts.

We have to stop trying to have our cake and eat it, too. This means that we have to get real and stop pretending that an all-loving God created suffering to teach us something or to punish us. We have to stop cowering in our self-made caves of guilt, and emerge as the true creators that we are.

We have to be able to make clear, unadulterated statements of fact, that God is infinite love and can only create more of the same. And then we have to get behind that fact. It is imperative that the message we send to the entire, creative universe is that we are tired of all this duality and want to be restored to our right minds, where love is all there is.

Love is all there is! God is infinite love and can only create more of the same.


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Okay, everyone – I would LOVE to read your comments on these ideas! What do you think? Have you unconsciously framed pain and suffering as a necessary part of life? Or have you always suspected that something is amiss in the usual explanations? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.