What To Do When The World Seems Unstable

October 13th, 2014 | 21 comments
What To Do When The World Seems Unstable

These days it seems like the world can be an incredibly unstable place. It is so important not to let events that seem out of control completely take over our consciousness. This is a case where it is helpful for each of us to remember that we are individuals. There is so much that could be said here, but let me start with a paradigm shift. First of all, we are all infinite beings. That is not philosophy. It is indelible fact. We might be living in finite bodies, but each of us knows that we have no beginning and no end. This is, of course, why we naturally want to live forever. This is why we never run out of desire to go on and on and on with our lives.

So knowing this fact, it behooves us to take the truth of who we are into account when we find ourselves dealing with world events that seem to destabilize all of our lives. We stand on absolutely firm footing when we come from our infinite selves. We can take our physical lives into account by being completely centered in this fact. That is the place from which to start. If you doubt that you are an infinite being, you have only to be honest about your experience to know this for yourself. Look in the mirror. Look into your own eyes. Accept the fact that what you see there is eternal youth and eternal potentiality. There is simply no end to all of the things that you would love to do!

Now take into account the fact that your physical body, mind, and emotions can be highly reactive to what is going on around you. Unfortunately our biological nature can be somewhat herd-like. If many people are upset, in all likelihood we shall find ourselves upset as well. This is where it can be a tremendous advantage to come from your infinite self, rather than your physical body with all of its reactionary components. If you love your physical existence (and of course you should) then step one is to find a way to calm your body down. Find a way to calm your mind and emotions.

Your infinite self, your identity in the universe at large, exists as an absolute. It is the most stable thing there is. From here you can take a deep breath and recognize yourself as an individual. You can begin to understand your life as unique and individual among all others. Now you are in a position to take full command of your individual situation. You are in a position to take command of your own consciousness in light and in love.

Start with love. Love your life, love your body, and love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Understand that what your body, mind, and emotions need right now is the calming influence of your higher self. Assess your situation as an individual. What is the truth about your life right now? Are you really in any danger or is it just collective speculation that you have fallen prey to? That is an awful lot of negative energy to allow to shape your thoughts and feelings about yourself. Once you have come to terms with the actual facts about your individual life, which are probably far more positive than negative speculation will allow, you can center yourself in those facts and thereby stabilize your consciousness.

Next you want to find ways to soothe and heal yourself from the global negativity. Be creative! Imagine ways to create a healing “spa” for your consciousness. One of the best ways to do this is to connect with nature. The natural world can serve as your oasis in the storm. Think of the peace of the forest, the tranquility of a running stream, the beauty of sunlight as it moves through its various hues during the course of a day. If you live in a big city, think of ways to bring nature into your home. Maybe you can bring the soothing energy of green plants into your space. Light a candle, whose fire is one of the most fundamental elements of the natural world.

Play music that is soft and relaxing to counter the noise of the outside world. Try your hand at some kind of art. That is a fantastic way to transcend the stress of humanity in a state of turmoil. It puts you back in touch with your primordial, creative self. It will center you.

And of course there is the wisdom of daily meditation, which is one of the best ways to provide yourself with a daily retreat. Add some natural crystals and stones to this activity, and allow their beautiful vibration to influence you accordingly. Clear your energy of fear and doubt by breathing in light and love. Remember that you may have taken in a lot of this negative energy from sources outside of yourself. Open the windows of your consciousness and determine to let such energies go. Refresh yourself. Breathe light into your entire body and mind. Fresh flowers in your space can also be very clearing and uplifting.

You owe this to yourself because your life matters. By clearing and caring for yourself with kindness and love, you become one more person who does not spread fear and negativity. The entire universe will back you up in this, as you determine yourself to be part of the light. If you care for yourself in this way, you become a calming influence of peace to others. The entire world needs that influence so desperately right now. What could be more healing to the consciousness of others than to be around someone who exudes centeredness and peace? You can be that person if you so desire!