Why Life Purpose Matters

January 24th, 2016 | 15 comments
Why Life Purpose Matters

Have you ever wished there was a secret way to speed up your own process of trying to improve your life? What if there was something you could add into the mix of what you are doing that would dramatically accelerate your progress?

Do you want to know what this awesome ingredient is? It is settling on your life’s purpose, and deciding to live a purposeful life.

Everyone wants a better life, and many people go from seminar to seminar, and book to book, looking for the magic formula. Although those venues can be exceedingly valuable, the most they can offer you are tactics. They don’t really have a way to tie it all together in a way that is deeply personal to you.

There is only one thing that can do that for you. That is your unique life’s purpose.

So let’s discuss the pros and cons of what it means to live a purposeful life, and what happens when you don’t.

We’ll start with the disadvantages of missing your life’s purpose.


What happens when you don’t have a life’s purpose?

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When you do not have a clear purpose for your life that is meaningful for you, you will lack an overall sense of direction.  Here is a list of symptoms that result from that lack:

  • You find it difficult to experience an inner sense of direction and knowing what to do.
  • Because the inner environment of your consciousness seems vague and undefined, you are prone to looking outside of yourself for answers.
  • In looking outside of yourself, you feel that you are always taking a gamble with someone else’s ideas. You sense that what others are suggesting might sound good, but it is never quite the right fit for you. Thus you are more prone to staying in your comfort zone where things are safe and familiar. It doesn’t even matter if your comfort zone is painful or unsatisfying. At least it’s predictable.
  • You live from a place of hope. You hope that things will change someday by some miraculous coincidence. But you don’t necessarily believe that this coincidence will be the result of your own actions. Instead, you hold out a belief that somehow it will “just happen”, as if by surprise.  So you wait for that day to come.
  • You find it difficult to feel motivated. You are lacking in motivational energy because you don’t know the larger “why” for personal change. Procrastination is seen as a logical effort that you define as waiting until you feel “ready”.
  • You are more and more given to distractions, to avoid the pain of acknowledging that your life is not what you’d hoped for.

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When you do not have a clear sense of purpose in your life, you will begin to feel an underlying sense of discouragement and failure. This will ultimately lead to an erosion of self-confidence, as you no longer feel that you can trust yourself. When you stop believing in yourself, you eventually give up on your dreams.

As you think about everything stated above, can you get a sense of why it is so difficult to make positive changes under these conditions? Energetically, it starts to feel like wading through mud, doesn’t it?

Maybe you can see how applying a singular personal growth tactic to this is highly unlikely to succeed in unearthing this low-energy morass of feeling stuck in one’s life.


How can a life’s purpose change your life for the better?

A life’s purpose acts as the singular driving force behind everything that you do. It gives you a sense of direction in all areas of your life, that is personal to you. It helps you to create your own unique blueprint that allows you to more easily find answers to all of your most vexing questions.

Here is a partial list of some of the benefits:

  • You feel motivated by an inner drive, and don’t have to rely on others to get you going.
  • You find it much easier to connect with the divine, because you are operating on a higher plane of existence.
  • Life purpose acts as a powerful motivating energy that exponentially increases your ability to think and act with greater clarity.
  • You are far more likely to succeed at making difficult personal changes, because you have an inner driving force that pushes you forward.
  • Life purpose forces your creative energy to the fore, where you can experience the benefits of being a creator.
  • You build strength and confidence, instead of feeling eroded by the constant, daily path of never-ending, repeated failures that occur when you don’t know where you’re going.
  • You are far more likely to take good care of your physical health, because you have a powerful reason to do so.
  • You live with a deep, inner sense of knowing, rather than the anxiety of an uncertain life.


What if I don’t know my life’s purpose?

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This is probably the biggest, single problem that most people suffer from. Most people have no idea why they exist on this Earth. Thus they let others make that decision for them, which ultimately leads to an unfulfilling or disappointing life.

If you are not among the rare few who are born with absolute clarity about what they are here to do, here is an alternative:

If you are unable to discern your life’s purpose in the deeply spiritual sense of knowing why you are here, you can exercise your free will to create it. You can create a purposeful life.

I will give you some quick, basic steps to do that here. If you want  something a little more in-depth, here’s a link to get my free e-book on 5 Steps to Discover Your  Life’s Purpose.


7 Basic Steps to Create a Purposeful Life

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  1. Step back from your life and take stock of where you are. Are you happy? Or are you mostly dissatisfied? Dissatisfaction is a clear sign that you are not aligned with a purposeful life.
  2. If you are happy, think about how you might apply yourself to increase your level of happiness and fulfillment by doing something of service to others. If you are dissatisfied, ask yourself what is missing, and what you can do to bring that something back into your experience.
  3. Do you have certain talents that are not being developed or put to their highest use? Oftentimes these natural talents can provide clues as to what you can do that would be truly fulfilling.
  4. Use all of the above steps as clues to guide you in a certain direction that would be more satisfying to you.
  5. Engage in sincere prayerfulness and communication with God and your angels, to help inspire you in a direction that is right for you.
  6. woman writing in journalWrite a list of what is most important to you. What matters most in your life? What do you value the most?
  7. Create a personal mission statement about the kind of person you’d like to be, and how you would like to serve others. This mission statement serves as your daily guide to measure if you are living a purposeful life in alignment with your mission.

Once you have created your personal mission statement, use it as your private blueprint to live a purposeful life. You can always re-evaluate it anytime, and refine it as you learn and evolve.

From here you can decide to start making changes so that your life is more aligned with your higher ideals. Because you, yourself, created this mission statement, you are much more likely to commit to it and experience the amazing results of that commitment in your life.

Your purposeful life begins with a sincere effort to transform your life, so that it aligns with your unique statement of the mission that you brought forth from deep within yourself.

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Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Or are you still trying to figure it out? How do you think knowing your life’s purpose can help your overall experience? Share your thoughts with me on this topic below!


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