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Free Download: Peaceful Angel Meditation by Saratoga Ocean

My Gift to You: Connect with Your Angels in This 12-minute Guided Meditation

Treat yourself to a moment of peace and unconditional love in the presence of your angels. I created this “Peaceful Angel Meditation” MP3 so you can connect with angelic support — as easily as possible.

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Meet Saratoga Ocean

I’m an author, channel, and teacher helping people to spiritually awaken so they can follow a conscious path of ascension. For more than 25 years I’ve channeled and worked with Archangel Michael and Telstar, a cosmic interdimensional force of nature and evolution.

I’ve written 3 books, including A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael and The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear. I’ve also led dozens of workshops online and in-person across the United States and Canada, and reached hundreds of thousands of people online through my YouTube channel, blogs, and inspirational posts on Pinterest and Facebook.

I hope this meditation brings you a renewed sense of peace and many angel blessings!

“A loving space to enjoy angelic energy, anytime you need it”

What people are saying about Saratoga

“There are no words to express my gratitude to my Angels and to you. I needed to connect with you and I know Archangel Michael lead me to you. I feel so blessed. Thank you so much. Blessings and love 🌻
Your energy is like a key. And it helps activate people when they’re ready what a divine blessing you are thank you
“Thank you for a beautiful meditation, the music was so peaceful and the Angels were with me. Thank you, angels blessings”
One of the best(if not THE best) Spiritual Youtubers to date. Love your videos! Thank you Saratoga!
“This is so beautiful and resonates completely in my heart. Thank you so much for being the conduit of such loving energy from the angelic realm.”

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