Angels are brilliant beings of light and love, whose sole purpose is to aid us in our individual evolutionary processes. Angels act as an extension of God’s love for us. They provide us with a way to connect with the divine in a very personal and individual way.

Every person has at least one or more guardian angels. There are no exceptions to this. Even if you do not consciously experience your angels, they are there nonetheless, watching over you and loving you no matter what. Their love is unconditional, for they see you as you truly are – without any of the faults engendered by living in a finite duality of existence.

Angels see you only with the good and know for a fact that the appearance of faults is simply a product of the Earthly circumstance in which you find yourself. You will never be seen as guilty or bad in the eyes of your angels. Their role in your life is to encourage, love, and help you to reach your highest potential as a human being.

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