Empower Your Prayers

November 8th, 2015 | 19 comments
Empower Your Prayers

Prayer is quite possibly the most effective and powerful thing that we can do. It represents our direct communication with the infinite. It is truly amazing that we naturally have this capability!

Prayer is also something that no one can take away from us. It represents our sacred, most intimate connection with the divine. And with that being the case, it is curious that we sometimes have so little faith that our prayers are being heard.

The issue is not with prayer. The issue is the context within which we pray. The way to empower your prayers is to change to a more empowered context. There are basically two possible contexts from which to pray. Let’s examine each of them, starting with looking at some of our collective false assumptions.


 Conflicting Assumptions about Reality

Man choosing between two doors labeled "Infinite Love" and "Good and Evil"

Let’s start with the fact that God is infinite love. Period. There is no darkness or evil added to this fact. The word infinite should be taken very seriously, because it means exactly what it says. It means all-encompassing and omnipresent. It means that is all there is.

Now when you add the word love to infinite, it means that all there is is infinite love. Nothing else.

Some have completely twisted this, in order to explain the existence of evil. They will tell you that God creates bad situations for us out of love. In other words, if God is love and God creates everything, then evil must be a product of that same love.

Well, guess what? This is wrong, wrong, wrong! Even though it sounds like it makes sense on the surface, it makes absolutely no sense when you truly open your eyes.

This is the kind of insanity you get when you rely only on the thinking mind to inform you of reality. This is what happens when you leave the super-intelligence of the heart out of the equation.

When you add the knowledge of the heart to the equation, you get an answer that is far more intelligent than this superficial, conflicted assumption.


We can’t have it both ways

You can’t say that God is omnipresent love, and then also say that God has created evil. This is what will really mess up your prayers. Why is that? Because then you will have a hard time really trusting God. How can you trust a God that you believe might also cause you pain?

It doesn’t matter how much you rationalize this conflict. Pain is pain, and we don’t like it. We cannot fully open our hearts to anything that we believe has the potential to condone or cause our pain. There is nothing spiritual about suffering.

It is impossible to trust a God that we think is perfectly okay with our individual suffering. Suffering is not “God’s will”.


It’s Important to Choose

man pondering scale balancing love and duality

So now we must consciously choose the reality that we accept. This is the context for our prayers. Here are the two choices:

A. – We accept what our hearts know, which is that God is infinite, omnipresent love. If something other than love exists, then that means that something has gone very wrong in our collective experience. It means that certain conditions are present that make suffering and pain a possible experience.

Holding fast to our understanding that God is omnipresent love, we also understand that the existence of pain and suffering cannot be real because they cannot be a part of love.  We understand that the only explanation for such things is that something weird has occurred in our consciousness to make this a possible experience.

B. – We look around and observe good and evil. We assume that because God is our ultimate creator, that God must have created both. Therefore we also assume that God can will either good or evil in our lives.

This second choice makes praying kind of dicey. It turns us into beggars. In this scenario, we often pray from fear because we are never really certain of the outcome. We don’t know if God is looking upon us in a favorable way.  After all, things could go either way for us. Look at what happened to Yeshua! And we believe ourselves to be nowhere near as awesome as he is. When you add guilt to that, there’s no telling where a person could end up!


What happens when you choose infinite love?

Woman in sari praying

When you choose point “A”, you are being steadfastly true to your heart. Your heart knows that God is pure love. Your heart knows that pain and suffering should not exist. There is no conflict here. You and your heart are literally on the same page as God.

Now you can establish real trust. You are praying from a different place entirely. You know that God does not want you to suffer, so you are clear that you are praying to an infinite friend. There is no ambiguity here. Rather than praying from fear, you are praying from a shared love. You begin by acknowledging that you already share the unadulterated love of your creator. God wants the same thing for you that you want in your heart of hearts. Peace and love. Tranquility and inspiration. All good things!


Enlarge the Context


Let’s take this a step further, and clarify the only true context that matches the fact that God is infinite, omnipresent love.

Here are the important points to understand:

  • God is infinite, omnipresent love.
  • In the condition of omnipresent, infinite love, pain and suffering cannot exist.
  • If we experience pain and suffering in any form whatsoever, something has gone wrong in our reality. This “something wrong” has nothing whatsoever to do with God.
  • This is ultimately a collective problem, as evidenced by the fact that we all share in these negative potentialities. We should not blame ourselves individually for these experiences. This is a larger matter of evolutionary proportions.


How does this larger context empower our prayers?

peaceful stones and flower

The first way that this empowers our prayers is that it establishes trust and alignment with divine love. It establishes an acknowledgement that we and God are on the same exact page, which is that of love, peace, and all good things. We no longer perceive ourselves to be in conflict with God. We don’t have to fear the divine. We can recognize ourselves to be at one with that love in our hearts.

Can you imagine how empowering it is to know that you are on the same page as God? What a great antidote to fear!

Now you have the potential to look at pain and suffering in an entirely new way. You now understand that these experiences have nothing whatsoever to do with you, or with God. Thus you will automatically begin to pray from an evolutionary perspective. You will find yourself able to pray for assistance in finding a solution to rid yourself and everyone else of this non-existent reality.


How can a reality be non-existent?

Just because something is experienced doesn’t mean it is real in the ultimate sense of the word. Right now we experience living in a finite world where enormous pain and suffering are able to manifest in our physical, mental, and emotional experiences. So in the context of this finite world, all of this feels immeasurably real. It is actually being experienced!

Have you ever heard it said that life is a dream? Well, life itself is not a dream, but any possibility of pain and suffering arises from an impossible reality that could be interpreted as a dream. So we can authentically pray for permanent relief from this false, collective reality. This is what is known as true evolution. The final, collective emergence from a dream that is being falsely experienced as oh-so-real.


How does this affect my personal prayers for myself?

Woman peacefully contemplating outdoors

By changing your context, you change your positioning when you pray. You are praying from an entirely different platform. You are praying from a platform that is already at one with God.

You might be praying for help with a particular situation in your life, but you will no longer be afraid that God might be out to get you for so-called “spiritual reasons”. You will stop rationalizing that each time you experience pain, it is God’s will and for a “good reason”.

Instead, you will start from a place of loving alignment and the pure knowing that God wants only the most beautiful, loving experiences for you. You are completely aligned with God when you want only those beautiful experiences for yourself.

Now you and God are working together to clear your consciousness and help bring you out of whatever trouble you are experiencing. You are equal partners in love, with only your best interests at heart.

In your prayers for help, you are coming from love. You are asking for God’s love to manifest in your life, which also means that more of the truth is manifesting in our world. You are asking to exist as a pure and perfect conduit for God’s love. Now God can help you to clear out all of the barriers of disbelief, fear, guilt, etc. that stand in the way of your happiness.

quiet candle

What do you think about the idea of focusing on Infinite Love as the only true reality when you pray? Would it improve how you experience your relationship with the Divine? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.