Don’t Let Others Steal Your Power

March 26th, 2017 | 30 comments
Don’t Let Others Steal Your Power

I would like to address two groups of people. And even if you do not consider yourself to be a part of these groups, there are still some great tips here for you, as well.

The first group consists of those who are angry and upset about politics and social matters, no matter which side you are on. The  second group consists of the group of young people and college students who are highly reactive and looking for safe spaces to avoid feeling “triggered”.

What do both of these groups have in common? Extreme levels of feeling reactive to the outside world. I do not need to address the things you are reacting to. You already know about that. What I want to address is how being extremely reactive affects you personally in a negative way, and how you can deal with the things that bother you in a much more empowered way.


Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated

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There are forces in all forms of media (including social) that are pushing us to be highly reactive to the world around us. We are all being encouraged to be triggered by almost everything that happens. Have you ever thought about what this really means?

Let’s sweep away any discussion about the actual circumstances that are supposed to be freaking us all out, no matter which side of the fence you are on. The circumstances are not as important as the destructive effect on our ability to feel empowered that occurs when reactivity is presented as the only answer to the world around us.

Put all of your concerns aside for a moment, and ask yourself what really matters to you as a human being. I would contend that what really matters to you is to retain and empower your ability to be happy and create the life that you want. Isn’t this what really matters to you in the end? This ability to live as a positive creator in your own life should be considered sacred.

If you buy into the idea that you should freak out and be reactive to whatever you are told to react to, then you pay a very heavy price indeed. You lose your ability to feel centered, confident, creative, and secure. You ultimately lose your ability to be happy. Don’t take my word for it. Look at how being reactive makes you feel.


Stand back, and assess your experience

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The next time you find yourself being influenced by any form of media or by other people in ways that encourage you to be fearful and reactive, step back quietly for a moment. How do you feel? Do you feel optimistic and empowered? Or do you feel despondent, stressed, and filled with anxiety?

Your emotions tell you exactly what is going on. If your emotions are negative, do you want that energy living in your body and in your consciousness? Are you willing to accept the consequences of all that worry, anger, and stress? Those emotions live inside of you. Are you willing to carry around such a toxic energy,  just because someone implied that you should?


Come back to self-love

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After you have stepped away and looked at your experience, the next thing to do is to ask yourself how much you revere your desire to be happy and feel in command of your own life. How important is this to you? Do you love yourself enough to care? Or are you willing to sacrifice yourself at the altar of other people’s discontent, just to have a false sense of belonging to something?

You are an infinite being who is connected to the entire Universe. You do not have to rely solely on earthly propaganda to know where you are in life. Life is infinite. There is no beginning, and there is no end. You are much bigger than all of this. And you are connected to something that is so benevolent, vast, and powerful, and where miracles are possible for you.

But miracles do not tend to happen in an environment of anger, resentment, and fear. Miracles are much more likely to happen in an environment of positive, loving energy. Which environment do you want in your consciousness?

If you love yourself, you will also want to preserve a positive environment of energy in your experience. This is healthy, life-giving, and empowering.


Choose what is most important to you

Nervous, anxious young woman. Being reactive to things outside our control drains our emotional energy and limits our ability to feel happy and creative.

The next time that you find yourself being influenced to adopt a mindset of fear or anger about your outer circumstances, consider the possibility that someone else may need you to do this to fulfill their own agenda. Then ask yourself if you want to turn over your emotions to exist in service to that agenda.

Or would you rather hold onto your precious, God-given emotions to be used for their highest purpose, which is to empower you to create a life you can love.

When someone steals your emotional energy to be funneled into their own political or social agenda, you have allowed yourself to be robbed of your greatest power in manifesting what you personally want. You have a right to direct your own emotions in a way that benefits you personally toward your highest good. You don’t have to give that energy away just because someone wants you to.


Why is your emotional energy important?

Confident, happy, self-empowered young woman

Your emotional energy equates your power to manifest. You can visualize and intend all you want, but without your emotional backing, your dreams cannot manifest. Don’t squander the power of your emotions on an agenda that is not of your own making.

It’s perfectly fine to have an opinion about what is going on around you. But if you are allowing those circumstances to control your emotional energy, then you are allowing someone else to steal your power.

Look at it this way. Think of a time when you really, really wanted something with all your heart. You focused on it, and invested your positive emotional energy in it. You wanted it so sincerely and so intensely, that it actually manifested.

Think of another time when you merely wished for something, but didn’t invest yourself in it emotionally, because you didn’t believe it could happen. The likelihood is that it didn’t manifest.

Now you can see why your positive emotional energy is so important!


Stay in control, and own your power

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Whenever the media or society tries to encourage you to invest your emotions in an agenda that causes you pain, consider what is happening if you agree to this. You have just agreed to hand over your emotional energy to someone else’s agenda.

Again, it’s fine to have an educated opinion, and then act accordingly.   But if you choose to cross a line within yourself, and willingly hand over your manifesting power to something that will ultimately cause you stress and make you miserable, then you are quickly losing the personal power that is rightfully yours.

So if you have been convinced to join the club of feeling angry, “triggered”, helpless, and victimized, then you have unwittingly handed over your power to other people and circumstances. You have given your emotional energy away to something outside of yourself. You have sacrificed your God-given right to act as an empowered creator in your own life. You have surrendered your right to be fulfilled.

Ask yourself – Is it worth the price?

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