Why I Hate The Food Chain

January 25th, 2015 | 42 comments
Why I Hate The Food Chain

I want to invite you to go to a place in your consciousness where you may have never ventured before. I want to suggest that you allow yourself to entertain ideas that perhaps never occurred to you and to question things that you didn’t know you were allowed to question.

Look at the pictures of these gorgeous animals above this writing. I want to point out their beauty and adorableness for a specific reason. That reason has to do with the food chain. The food chain, in my opinion, is entirely incongruent with the creation of such magnificence. And these photos represent only a tiny sample of the breathtaking beauty of all living things on our illustrious planet Earth. Contrast that beauty with the nature of the food chain.

The food chain is a very bizarre phenomenon where in order for something to live, something else must die. Eventually, literally every living thing must die in order to keep things in balance. So living things are killed and replaced through reproduction in this very delicate balance where one species is not allowed to overtake another. But more importantly, the food chain represents a situation where the death of one begets the life of another.

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