Be a Lightworker!

February 12th, 2017 | 10 comments
Be a Lightworker!

The world needs Light and stability right now. We can sit back and wait for this to happen all by itself, or we can play a conscious role in contributing positive energy into our collective situation.

It’s a common human habit to always assume that someone else (even God) will ultimately take care of things. But this denies the very real fact that we human beings have a specific purpose in this Universe. We are creators, sourced in Love, whose purpose it is to create out of that very same love.

We are currently witnessing a grave downward spiral in our world, where division, hate, and fear are being fomented on a near 24 hour basis. At first glance, it can appear that the wisest thing to do is to pick a side and then battle it out to see who “wins”. But, of course, no one wins in this scenario. A toxic climate such as this benefits no one.

It is time for Lightworkers to come out of the closet, and accept the power of who we really are to effect positive change and transformation.

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