Be a Lightworker!

February 12th, 2017 | 10 comments
Be a Lightworker!

The world needs Light and stability right now. We can sit back and wait for this to happen all by itself, or we can play a conscious role in contributing positive energy into our collective situation.

It’s a common human habit to always assume that someone else (even God) will ultimately take care of things. But this denies the very real fact that we human beings have a specific purpose in this Universe.  We are creators, sourced in Love, whose purpose it is to create out of that very same love.

We are currently witnessing a grave downward spiral in our world, where division, hate, and fear are being fomented on a near 24 hour basis. At first glance, it can appear that the wisest thing to do is to pick a side and then battle it out to see who “wins”. But, of course, no one wins in this scenario. A toxic climate such as this benefits no one.

It is time for Lightworkers to come out of the closet, and accept the power of who we really are to effect positive change and transformation.


What is a Lightworker?

What is a lightworker? Woman peacefully contemplating with candle.

In the new age, metaphysical world, there are numerous definitions for lightworkers. But I wish to propose the following: At our core essence of who we really are as infinite beings and creators, we are all meant to be lightworkers. We are all equally responsible, on this planet that we share, to transform our situation into that which is a reflection of the divine love from which we have come.

Fighting, raging, and hating does not accomplish this goal. Nor does sitting on the sidelines observing it all accomplish anything either. We are not meant to be passive with our energy.

So what is one to do? On the surface, it looks like the only options are to either enter the fight, or remain on the sidelines. The so-called choice to be either passive or aggressive is not really a choice at all, because they are merely the opposite sides of the same coin of duality.

A lightworker is a person who recognizes the futility of duality, and instead chooses to center themselves in Love. This means love in action. It’s not about paying lip service to a cause. A lightworker is positioned at the core of their divine soul purpose to act as a transformational force of energy on this planet.


A Call to Action

Man holding flash of light. Action, goals, energy, manifestation

The word ‘lightworker’ is not a label. It’s not some metaphysical title that you can hang on your wall. It refers to love in action, consciousness in action, and divine light in action. Only you know for sure if you are acting as a lightworker, because only you know what you are truly experiencing. Your innermost feelings will tell you everything about whether or not you are acting on behalf of your true essence of light and love.

We humans have another very bad habit of thinking that, as individuals, our lives don’t really matter much to anyone beyond our own small circle of family and friends. And sometimes, even in that small circle, we put ourselves last in terms of our perceived importance. And this belief becomes a very convenient excuse to remain passive in terms of how we influence the world with our energy. We think it doesn’t matter if we are miserable, upset, or stressed. We are in complete denial of our real human power.

Man in dark room opening door to let in brilliant lightLook at it this way. The more that people are unhappy, angry, negative, or depressed, the more the world can be said to be experiencing this negativity, in a general sense. And thus the more we are all shrouded in this veil of negative energy. Where does this energy come from? Well, it comes from the full collection of human beings who, as individuals, are each expressing their personal negativity about their own experience.

If we are not going to live as lightworkers, then we are going to stand back and allow ourselves to succumb to this negative energy of stress and strife. We are going to pretend to ourselves that we don’t matter enough to make our efforts worth it.

It’s time for a call to action. It’s time to stop lying to ourselves about the influence that each one of us has energetically on the entire world situation. Our light and love contributes a powerful, transmutational force of positive energy into the world.


How does this work on a practical level?

How can you be a lightworker on a practical level? Woman walking down sunlit path in nature.

Let’s look at a simple analogy in nature. If you place a plant in an environment that is toxic to that plant’s well-being, the plant will struggle, and may even die. That same plant will thrive in a healthy environment of sunshine, fresh air, clean water, and nutritious soil. In an unhealthy environment the plant will suffer, if the soil, air, and water are loaded with toxic poisons. The plant will be weak if it does not have the benefit of adequate sunlight.

We human beings are exactly the same way on an energetic level. In a healthy environment of the strong, positive energy of light and love, we can thrive. In a toxic environment filled with the energy of hate, fear, and resentment, we suffer in our resulting collective weakness. The negative energy saps our inspiration and happiness. It darkens our light, and diminishes our hope and creative ambition.

So the answer is simple. If you see that negative energy is pouring into our human consciousness by our own human hands, you can choose instead to be a lightworker. You can contribute light and love into the world instead of negativity.

Empowered lightworker

Realize that your vibration of energy is an absolute part of the greater whole. You can wake up every day and decide to put as much positive energy into your own life as possible. You can decide to be happy, loving, and kind. You can decide to take care of yourself and build a better life overall. Because you are not separate from the rest of the world, you are also contributing this same positive energy into the collective space that we all share. You are now bringing more light into a very dark situation.

Remember that darkness always succumbs to the light. It has no power whatsoever in the moment that a light shines and radiates its brilliance. In that moment, the darkness instantly ceases to exist. Be a lightworker, be a Light, and contribute a much-needed positive energy into the world!

Happiness and joy

Do you feel that your personal vibration of happiness and peace contributes positive energy into the world? Share your thoughts with me on the topic of being a lightworker! 

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