Why It’s Important to Be Yourself, and the Biggest Mistake I Ever Made

Have you ever felt that there are certain situations in your life where you are just not comfortable being yourself? Or maybe you’ve tried too hard to fit in, so as to not make waves or upset anyone.

This might seem innocent enough, but it might be costing you more than you realize in terms of your power, freedom, and full self-expression.

In this week’s video, I share the story of how I made my absolute biggest mistake ever when trying to fit in and pretend to be like everyone else, hiding my work as a channeler and my walk-in experience.

I made this mistake twice because I didn’t want to upset people. You’ll see why it wasn’t worth it…

I’m hoping that my story will inspire you to be your authentic self and thus reclaim your power and purpose in this world.

People tell me all the time that they find it so difficult to make the positive changes they want in life. A lot of times that is because of this self-imposed repression and a fear of being who they really are.

See if there is some part of your life where you can start to come out a bit more. Be more real with yourself and with other people. Be more expressive, more authentic. Try it little by little and notice how different you feel. Notice how wonderful it feels when you free yourself.

Are there any situations in your life where you are not comfortable being yourself? What was your biggest mistake? Let me know over on YouTube in the comments. (Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos each week!)