To Feel Beautiful, You Must be Connected to Nature

February 26th, 2017 | 25 comments
To Feel Beautiful, You Must be Connected to Nature

Technology has in many ways convinced us that we don’t really need nature, except on special occasions. But what have we lost as individuals by inadvertently believing this? If nature is last on the list of our individual priorities in life, then we are on a path of diminishing the pure essence that makes us special as human beings.

You see, we are completely, wholly, and totally a part of the natural world. We are an integral part of a massive ecosystem of life, that includes stars, planets, galaxies, and beyond. How strange it is that we find it acceptable to erase the beauty of nature from our personal lives.

I’m sure that you are already well aware of the beauty of the outside world of nature, such as what can be found in the kingdoms of mountains, lakes, forests, oceans, and the beautiful sky overhead.

But what about the beauty of you in your natural state? And what happens if you choose to disregard that beauty?


How Beautiful You Are! 

natural flow, radiant light, harmony and beauty

Of course we all know about subjective, external beauty – most of which has been programmed into us through contrived corporate advertising. But there is a much more powerful form of beauty that is inherent to who we are. It completely transcends the outer world of voices that want to tell us how to look, think, act, and feel.

This special, transcendent beauty can be found in authenticity. It means to be your authentically human self. It means to live as the perfect being that God created you to be. It means to let your individuality shine forth in a perfectly unique expression of you.

In order to do this, you have to surrender to your natural flow of energy and creative self-expression. You have to be unabashedly yourself. And you have to discover and love your own uniqueness!

Now what does this have to do with the natural world around you? The entire natural world exists as an overflowing, abundant expression of this very same idea. No two trees are alike. No two flowers are exactly the same color or shape. And we all know that no two snowflakes are alike. Every single thing in nature has the utmost confidence to express who and what it is without reservation.

To get into the flow of your own beauty, you must move back into harmony with the natural world around you, so that you can exhibit those very same qualities of confidence in your own self-expression.


What are the consequences of removing yourself from your natural flow of Beauty?

anxious, pensive looking woman

Beauty is synergy and flow. It is an expression of the Love that created you. We are not separate from the powerful Universe that surrounds us. But we can certainly imagine that we are separate, and then act as though that is true.

Here is an analogy for you: A plant is clearly a part of the natural world. If you remove the plant from its natural environment, it will eventually wither and die. At best, it will survive, but never thrive.

How many people in our world do not feel like they are thriving? How many people feel like they are struggling to survive physically, mentally, or emotionally? How many of us are uninspired, discouraged, and anxious?

Stuck in traffic. Stress, anxiety of technology.We have been told that the key to happiness is to have a good job and a paycheck. Never mind the rush hour traffic, pollution, and over-crowded cities built with concrete. In spite of all this ‘wonderfulness’, how many people have lost the confidence and creativity to be able to extract themselves from this situation in search of something better?

Let me put it this way. If you are feeling anxious, discouraged, uninspired, or depressed, you are not aligned with the natural flow of your inner beauty and creativity. If you feel trapped with no way out, you are like the plant that has been removed from the sunshine.

Your sunshine is the inner light of who you really are. Your inner light is moved to radiate from within you and inspire you, the moment that you accept your individual expression as being a part of the natural world.


Tap into your lost Power! 

Empowered man standing in field looking up at beautiful universe sky.

Can you see that there is an enormous power that gives rise to the beauty and expression of life in the natural world? Can you sense the life force that keeps everything alive and strong in this universe? Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that once again?

The ability to tap into this power starts with resonance. You have to become resonant with nature again.

I want to suggest that you look at it this way. As humans, we tend to think that our computers and technology are the most amazing things that were ever created. But these are merely tools, not much different from the sticks and rocks used in primitive times. If you think that’s an outrageous statement, you are forgetting that everything is relative.

Because we’ve been so good at creating these gadgets, we think that we are better than and smarter than the natural world. We refer to the natural world as “primitive”. Well, let me ask you this: Is there a single scientist or technology expert that has figured out how to create a planet? How about a galaxy or even a single star? We couldn’t even create a simple ocean of viable sea life, if we wanted to. We humans create virtually nothing of consequence in this universe, when compared to all of nature.

It’s important to remember these simple facts, if you want to rejoin the power that created you and everything else. It’s important to remember this if you want to reconnect with the beauty of your natural flow of expression, power, and authenticity.


How can you practically align with your natural flow of beauty and empowerment?

Woman leaning against tree looking peaceful and in harmony. Natural alignment.

Here are some practical things you can do to return to the true power of being aligned with nature:

1 – You must first decide that nature is important to you. Without nature being genuinely important to you on a personal level, you are not likely to do anything more.

2 – You need to find ways to immerse yourself in nature’s vibration, so that you naturally begin to resonate with that vibration. This is done simply by exposure. Just as you have to expose yourself to the sun’s rays to get a natural suntan, you have to expose yourself to nature’s energy to become resonant with it. The more nature that you are surrounded by, the more your own vibration will begin to match it. Start by taking walks, or go on a hike. Look at the sky, feel the sun’s radiant warmth, feel and breathe the outside air. Become more awake to your physical senses’ experience of this.

3 – Bring elements of nature into your home or workspace. Things like water fountains, plants, candles, and crystals all bring the vibration of the primal forces of nature into your world.

Connecting with beautiful natural environment

4 – Notice that all of nature has rhythm and movement. You are a part of that movement in your body and your breath. Meditate on this. Feel it. Notice it. Become utterly sensitive and awake to your own natural flow of life and consciousness that is not connected to clocks and calendars.

5 – Become more self-aware. How much do you express yourself, and how much do you hold back? Be open to thinking more creatively about your life. Be flexible like the trees in the wind. Pay close attention to nature’s flows and expression, and then release yourself to the same expression coming from within you.

6 – Be inspired by dance, music, and art. Allow these vehicles into your life. They represent the primordial forces of nature and creation. Art is Light, music is Sound, and dance is Movement. By opening up to these things, you will awaken the very same forces within you.

Flowers inspire creativity in art, music.

Does thinking about these ideas help you to feel more peaceful and relaxed? Imagine if you could allow yourself to feel as open and expressive as nature. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below, and let me know what you think!