Be a Creator Instead of a Victim

July 12th, 2015 | 17 comments
Be a Creator Instead of a Victim

There are two main platforms upon which to live your life. The one you choose will determine whether you are happy or sad, fulfilled or unfulfilled, successful or unsuccessful. One is the platform of a creator and the other is the platform of a victim.

There are certain simple laws of physics that correspond to each of these platforms. They have to do with which direction your energy flows. On the platform of a creator, your energy is sourced from within you and flows outward to enable you to create your world. You decide what happens to you and what you experience.

The platform of a victim is very different. If you live on this platform, the physics of your energy will change dramatically. You will be randomly bombarded with the energy from the world around you. In this case, that same outside energy will determine your inner experience.

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