The Ego vs. Your True Self

May 8th, 2016 | 18 comments
The Ego vs. Your True Self

Lately I have noticed that some people are promoting the idea that the ego is your friend. According to some, we can make friends with our egos, work with them, and have a much better life. Really? Wow! Let’s examine this idea more closely.

Firstly, we must identify what the ego is. And we know for a fact that it is not divine, nor is it a product of our highest self. How do we know this? Because the ego never speaks from love. The fundamental matrix upon which the ego bases all of its logic is mathematical. It is ultimately sourced in division. The ego thrives in the duality of contrast, in the form of this or that, right or wrong, and good or bad.

The next thing that we must note about the ego is that it is fundamentally negative. Even if it says something good about you, it will always be at the expense of someone else. The ego never says anything that can stand on its own as a self-sustaining truth. It must point out a contrast somewhere about everything it says.

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