Why is Beauty Important?

October 11th, 2015 | 16 comments
Why is Beauty Important?

In order to understand the importance of beauty, we must first define what beauty is. In short, beauty is the manifestation of love in form.

There are many subjective forms of beauty, but none of those definitions reach the core truth of what beauty really is and why it should matter to us. In fact, if you want to look at the subjective versions, you could say that anything is “beautiful”, even ugliness.

Let’s stick to something that exists as a universal truth about beauty. Beauty and love go hand in hand. In fact, one begets the other. Love begets beauty and true beauty inspires love. The two together have the potential to create an upward spiral of joy and consciousness. The two things together can bring forth a deep sense of peace. A sense that all is right in the world.


Where does beauty begin?

mountain landscape

Beauty begins at the onset of creation, because all real creation stems from love. Think about the words “infinite love”. This is the essence of our creator. Our creator can only create manifestations of love, because that is the essence of God. Anything other than this is an indication that something has gone wrong. Something is manifesting that is not of God.

So when infinite love creates, all that it creates is beautiful. There are no exceptions. When love’s creation is viewed in energetic or physical form, what you experience is beauty.

This becomes very clear when we look at the natural world. Is there any such thing as an ugly sunset in nature? No, of course not. When we witness the vibrant life and health of any living thing, we feel its beauty, don’t we? Have you ever seen a healthy forest or a majestic mountain that is ugly? Probably not.


What can beauty teach us about ourselves?

woman sniffing daisy flower

True beauty is the reflection of our creator. When we connect with that beauty, it inspires us and helps us to feel good. Here is what we learn. We learn that we don’t like ugliness. We are repelled by it. On the other hand, we enjoy beauty. We welcome its presence in our lives!

This shows us something about our true nature, doesn’t it? If we leave all the subjective definitions of beauty and ugliness behind, we suddenly have amazing clarity about who we are. We can actually see that we are of God. We are of the divine.

How do we know this? Look at it this way. You don’t like pain and you don’t like suffering. You are not likely to call such things beautiful. In fact, as far as you are concerned, the sooner these things are gone, the better! The truth is that you likely want nothing to do with either of them.

Why do we naturally reject things like violence, pain, and suffering? It’s because these things are not in harmony with us. They speak of a condition where God is not. They speak of a condition that is not the truth. When we experience such things, we know that we are not in contact with God.

woman relaxing on grassNow look at things like happiness, harmony, peace, and joy. Look at our ability to naturally welcome the loveliness of nature. We open up to these things, don’t we? In fact, when you experience happiness, I doubt that you are praying for it to end. And have you ever asked God to remove a sense of peace and replace it with stress and anxiety? I’ll bet not.

Do you see how clear things are when you really look?

Happiness, harmony, peace, and the evident presence of divinity in the construction of the natural world are all deemed beautiful by us. Look at the effortlessness with which we proclaim “That is so beautiful!” when witnessing a gorgeous natural scene or something that makes us truly happy.

We are absolute magnets for beauty in all its forms. We love it. We desire it. It reconnects us with our creator. It reminds us of who we are. We can settle in there and feel completely at home. In true beauty, we are at peace.

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On the other hand, we want to run away from the ugliness of discord, anger, fear, and all of their manifestations. We do not like feeling separated from our creator! We want to always be at home in the bosom of divine love. There we find everything we could ever want or need. There we find ourselves. And in that place, there are no questions like “Why this?” or “Why that?”.  Just happiness and open-hearted fulfillment.


Why is it important to bring more beauty into my life?

radiant light

It is so important to cultivate beauty in your life because it exists as your closest physical connection to God. It aligns you with your true nature and that of your creator. It soothes the soul and makes you happy.

True beauty brings so many rewards. There is inner beauty, which is the first creation. Then that can manifest as outer beauty in a demonstration of all its radiance.

Think of your consciousness as an extension of the divine. When you are connected to your creator, you feel only love. You feel peace. You are fulfilled. Because love radiates, it is natural for that love to want to express itself outwardly. When it expresses outwardly, it manifests beauty.


What are the different forms of beauty?

leaf over water

We immediately recognize true beauty because it uplifts and inspires us. We know instinctively that this is a manifestation of God.

Physical beauty always begins with non-physical beauty first. Non-physical beauty is that which can’t be measured, but it can certainly be felt. It emanates from within.

Non-physical beauty is seen manifesting through things like kindness, love, appreciation, harmony, joy, and peace. These things are all evidence that creative, divine love is being received and manifesting within that individual.

Once the inner beauty is felt, it will always seek to manifest outwardly in the physical. Maybe it is as simple as a smile. Or maybe it manifests as an act of kindness. Perhaps it demonstrates itself through some artistic creation. Or maybe it is as simple as saying, “I love you.”

When we stop resisting our creator’s ever-present love,  we will naturally seek to express that love by creating beauty all around us in the physical world.


How can I create more beauty in my life? 

The first step is to treat your life with love. Treat it with sacred reverence. Don’t treat yourself like you are some throwaway object. Stop acting like you don’t matter. God created you, and so you matter to that which creates and sustains the entire universe. That is a very big deal. And you should humbly acknowledge that inside yourself.

Now, onto the practical suggestions.


1. – Open the door to inner beauty

pink lotus flower

Creating beauty hinges on one thing. Your desire to be at one with your creator. It hinges on you finally letting go of resistance and acknowledging that you really do want the love of your creator. You deeply want that devotion, love, and presence of the divine.

Stop making excuses and putting ridiculous judgements on yourself like you are a bad person or not good enough. This is all utter nonsense, so why are you entertaining this? What’s the benefit? There is no benefit. It’s just an excuse for resistance.

You should also know that beauty has nothing whatsoever to do with the judgements of others. Beauty is not something that can be judged. It can only be felt. Just like love. Remember, the two things go hand in hand.


2. – Let love and inner beauty flow

woman with outstretched arms

Beauty is actually an energy. If you want to create beauty in your outer environment, then you will have to imbue your actions and creations with love.

The advantage to this is that it makes whatever you do exceedingly enjoyable and fulfilling! And this is so much better than boring and dull, don’t you think?

You will also start to enjoy life. Your life will feel like it matters, because you will become aware that you are contributing evidence of love into our planetary environment.


3. – Experience the joy of creating outer beauty in your environment

room arrangement

First, let’s talk about your body. Forget about advertisers’ versions of beauty. That’s artificial and has nothing to do with what we are talking about here.

The truest form of physical beauty has to do with health, vibrancy, and creative self-expression. This all starts with self-love and self-acceptance. So take care of yourself, honor yourself, and don’t be afraid to express yourself with love.

Next is your outer environment. Do you feel better in an orderly environment? It’s very likely that you prefer order over chaos. Why is that? Because it reflects harmony, which reflects the basic nature of creation. It helps you to relax and feel better. It helps you to get more done and experience less stress.

Just like you prefer inner harmony, you also naturally prefer outer harmony in your environment. Both bring you closer to your creator.

And finally, let’s talk about being more conscious and creative with your physical environment. As a human being, you have an amazing power to imbue your entire physical world with energy. What kind of energy will that be?

Will it be the highest energy of love and inspiration? Will it be the energy of your heart that cherishes your physical environment? Put consciousness and high-vibrational energy into your physical environment, and watch how everything transforms.

The amazing thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. Even in the most meager of settings, you have the power to create glistening beauty in every item you touch.

Begin to explore these ideas in your own life, and you will start to realize that God and your creator are very close at hand. You will start to realize the amazing power that you possess when you open yourself to the truth of your own divinity. A true manifestation of beauty all around you will be the end result.

What are your ideas about beauty? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what you think!