How the Ego Affects Your Flow of Divine Energy

August 21st, 2016 | 24 comments
How the Ego Affects Your Flow of Divine Energy

We are each made to experience a continuous flow of divine energy throughout our being. This energy supports us, sustains us, and provides us with an ongoing sense of inner peace and clarity of mind. The beauty of this divine force of energy and love is that it perfectly matches the individuality of each person’s unique, divine expression and personality.

So all would be well in our lives if this beautiful flow of energy and love were to remain uninterrupted. But with the ego around, that is not the case.Β The ego literally acts as an interrupter to this amazing energetic flow of divinity.


What is the Ego?Β 

The ego tries to make you think it, the proverbial "voice in the head" is a real entity by interrupting your experience of divine energy. (Illustration of two heads speaking to each other.)

The egoΒ exists as a substitute “self” that bids us to function in a way where God is supposedly not needed. Because fear is the experience of the absence of God, the ego exists as the voice of that absence. And because there is no such thing as the absence of God, the ego is really an illusion.

The only evidence we have of the ego’s feigned existence can be found in the way that it influences our thoughts. The ego acts as a braking mechanism to everything we feel, sense, or know that is positive and life-giving. It is the virtual source of doubt and negative thinking.

Here is one way to illustrate this point in a very simple way. Many people worry about the so-called “Anti-Christ”, as though it were a singular entity somewhere in the cosmos. Let’s take a look at this idea in an entirely new way.

Let’s envision our beautiful, natural flow of divine energy as the Christ Light energy of divine love, meant to flow through every aspect of our being. Along comes the phenomenon known as the ego, whose only role is to impede that flow of energy.

Wherever that Christ Light flows and manifests, the ego cannot exist. It is similar to placing a bright light in a dark room. In the presence of that light, the darkness disappears. Thus, the ego’s simple function is to act as the proverbial anti-Christ, by causing you to resist that flow of divinity through your consciousness and your being by using the force of fear.

By working against that flow of divine energy and impeding it, the ego can encourage you to believe that the ego is real and something to be listened to. It thus convinces you that there are two things to consider: either its fear-based perspective or the truth of God’s love.


What are the signs that the ego is working against your flow of divine energy?

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Here are some of the signs to look for if you want to know whether or not the ego is attempting to sabotage your experience of a divine flow of energy:

  • You are going along, having a wonderful day, when you suddenly find yourself reacting in a highly negative way to something over which you have little or no control. This causes you to tense up, your mood changes, and your day then takes a turn for the worst.
  • You find it difficult to gain clarity about an important decision. Your intuition and higher intelligence stand ready to inform you about the best possible choice. But the ego throws monkey wrenches into your thinking with all kinds of negative judgements about you and others, and a vast array of all of the worst possible outcomes for you to ponder. The ego is a master at undermining your strength and creating mass confusion in your consciousness.
  • You find it difficult to feel in command of your life and circumstances. The ego continually prods you with fear and anxiety, which causes you to lose faith in yourself and withdraw from new opportunities. The ego tells you that it’s safer to remain inside your familiar comfort zone, even if it’s miserable.
  • The ego directs your attention to people and circumstances outside of you as the reason for all of your problems. It does this to deflect you from taking responsibility for your life, in which case you might begin to notice the amazing power that you have as a creator. Such a realization would mean the death of the ego’s role in controlling your life. Instead, you would realize that you have the power of the Christ Light running through you, as your most amazing source of empowerment and energy. The ego would then be out of a job. So it keeps you busy focusing on things over which you have no control.


Here are 5 things you can do to reduce the ego’s influence and encourage a positive flow of divine energy in your life

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  1. Start each day from a place of peace and feeling centered. A small bit of time spent in meditation and gratitude will be well worth the effort. This gives you an experiential baseline of positive energy from which to begin your day.
  2. Try to open up to this feeling of positive energy so that it flows more readily throughout your being. Focus on your breath to relax you whenever you feel yourself tensing up.
  3. Stay in touch with your physical body. Notice that when your energy flows, your body relaxes. When your thoughts and emotions tense up with fear and anxiety, your body also tenses up. Your body can function as a simple barometer to measure how well your energy is flowing overall.
  4. Doubt, anger, fear, and anxiety are all signs of the ego’s interference in your flow of divine energy. Try to shift your center away from the ego’s urgent distractions, and move back into your natural center of peace and relaxation.
  5. Review your sense of priorities. If you have made it an unconscious priority to react with anxiety and negativity to events over which you have little or no control, then resolve to change that. What can you do to create a more positive experience in the areas of life over which you do have control?

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Overall, the most important thing is to truly revere and desire a positive flow of divine energy throughout your being. This is your natural state, and will empower you with the clarity, inspiration, healing, and creativity necessary to create the life you desire.

Your decision to make your natural flow of Christ Light energy a priority in your life will motivate you and empower you to put many of the ego’s shenanigans to rest. Then your body, mind, and emotions can flourish with all of the awesome benefits of encouraging that beautiful flow!

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Have you noticed the physical effects on your energy when you tense up with negative thinking and doubt? What other thoughts do you have on this subject? Share with me in the comments below πŸ™‚