Be the Sunshine!

August 20th, 2014 | 29 comments
Be the Sunshine!

All too often, we tend to approach our personal evolution as though it is only about our seemingly separate selves. But what if our individual evolution affects the entire planet?  You already know that when people suffer, it contributes the energy of that suffering to the planetary whole. So if we each make the effort to evolve towards peace and happiness in our individual lives, then clearly that contributes a positive, uplifting energy into the same planetary whole.

Why not think of our world as holding an ecological balance of consciousness and energy? This would certainly suggest that collectively we are vastly out of balance, since the consciousness and energy of pain and suffering far outweighs that of harmony and peace. Do you realize that we can each become a significant player in Earth’s evolution by contributing a joyful, happy energy into this out-of-balance larger whole? The only way to do this authentically is to strive to improve our individual lives to become lives that bring us joy.

Let’s use a simple image to illustrate this point. Imagine that the color grey represents the energy of pain, suffering, and human depression. Now imagine that the color yellow represents happiness. If we could draw a global map of Earth’s atmosphere of human consciousness using these two colors, what would that map look like?

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