Why It’s Important to Live from Your Heart

July 11th, 2016 | 23 comments
Why It’s Important to Live from Your Heart

Our world is becoming increasingly violent and chaotic every day. This is a worldwide phenomenon, and not limited to any single area on the planet. It is time to discuss our evolution in a more advanced, mature light.

Occasionally I hear from people who say things like, “Well, obviously God and the angels aren’t helping us, or this place wouldn’t be such a mess.” Although I can sympathize with why they might feel this way, I think it illustrates the fact that we are not getting to the bottom line of what is really going on here.

In fact, in some ways, these people have a point — although it’s not the point they may think. Perhaps we need to take a different view and ask ourselves why it appears that the necessary help is not forthcoming. In fact, if our beliefs accurately illustrate how things are supposed to work out, then why have one more second of pain anywhere on this planet? After all, what is God waiting for, for heaven’s sake?

Clearly, there is something erroneous in our belief systems. So rather than persist in believing in a millennia-old reality that shows no evidence of being true — which is that our job is to wait around for God to rescue us — why don’t we recognize the gravity of our situation and begin to question what we might be missing in our perspective?


Earth is not the center of the Universe


Our first mistake is a false belief that our planet lies at the center of the universe. There is literally no evidence whatsoever to back this up. The fact that we continue to hold onto this primitive belief in spite of all evidence to the contrary, promotes a collective spiritual arrogance that undermines our ability to climb out of this strange situation and live from our hearts in a universe of love.

We cannot afford to continue acting as though we exist as the beginning and ending of all life. We are not the alpha and omega of the entire cosmos. This spiritual arrogance is so extreme that we behave as though the entire universe was created around us, and therefore we will not be allowed to perish.

We live as though our violent planet is an imperative and exists as some kind of spiritual, cosmic “school” designed to teach us how to move towards the light and climb the ladder of spiritual hierarchy.

Think about it, friends. Earth is inherently a beautiful, gorgeous paradise. Do you really believe that our divine creator would take such a place and decide that it would be a grand idea to turn it into a location of violence, pain, destruction, and suffering in order to teach us all a lesson? Is this God’s idea of the centerpiece of the entire universe?

The truth is that we are one tiny planet among countless others that exist in equally countless dimensions. Yet, our collective ego is so large that we fancy ourselves to be utterly indispensable, no matter what we do. In fact, some of us behave like petulant children with our arms folded across our chests, tapping our foot, and saying, “Come on! What’s taking so long? When is this going to happen?” — referring, of course, to our expected salvation.


It’s time to spiritually grow up 

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Everything in this universe happens by way of the laws and principles of physics. However, there is one thing you should be aware of. Entire universes of physics can be created as the result of a single thought. Freedom of thought can occur at the macro or micro level, but all thought has consequences.  Underlying all of it is divine love. The extent to which thought aligns with love, is the extent to which the outcome will reflect that love as its manifestation.

Somewhere in the cosmos, a thought occurred to try a bizarre experiment. What would happen if love were denied, and thus a false space called “not love” could be created? Well, look no further for that answer because we live with it every day. We live with it in the form of violence, death, hatred, and fear. We live with it in the form of aging, disease, confusion, and pain.

If you align your consciousness with a belief that there is a place in your experience where God is not, then you will live in the hell of what that feels like. And currently, we are all living in that collective hell on this planet. This is the experiential manifestation of this false belief.

Our situation has nothing to do with cosmic schools of spiritual learning, waiting to be rescued, being punished, or the proverbial battle of darkness and light.

By the way, darkness is merely the absence of light and therefore is a no-thing. When have you ever turned on a light in a dark room and seen a battle take place between the two?


Let’s clear out some false assumptions standing in our way


We have one of two choices from which to center ourselves. Living from the heart is one choice, and allowing our egos to run the show is the other. The false belief that these two choices exist as equal opportunities is precisely what produces the massive amount of chaos that we see in our world and in our individual lives.

The ego exists as a false identity that emerges from separation from our divine creator. It emerges from the absence of love, which can be defined as fear. Fear is exactly what it feels like to experience separation from God. Anger is the subsequent defensiveness that follows when you believe that you are cosmically on your own. It is designed to push away all that now appears to threaten you. It’s you against the world! (Multiply this across 7 billion people or more, and you have real problems.)

The assumption that such negative experiences should matter to us because they are part of our spiritual growth is insane. It is imperative that we give up such false assumptions because they only serve to keep us trapped. They make it impossible for us to experience the relief and restoration that is so desperately needed in our lives and on our planet.

The idea that there is a valid choice between the ego and our hearts is literally crazy, when the ego only leads us further down the path of darkness and despair, and further away from the love of our creator.

That’s like standing in the middle of a burning building and saying, “Hmm… I wonder if I should stay here and burn to death, or perhaps I could run outside.” As though both options are entirely valid.

Until we recognize that there is only one valid option, which is to live from our hearts, we will continue to believe in our own insanity.


Why live from the Heart?


The word “heart” clearly denotes a center. It is THE center. You might notice that the ego is not a center of any kind.  It is a manifestation of chaos, confusion, smoke and mirrors. It is like an aggravating gnat that never goes away. One moment it tells you one thing, and the next moment it will tell you the opposite. It is constantly nattering away at your mind, causing you to be jumpy, fearful, and always uncertain.

The ego causes you to react, while the heart urges you to calm down.

The heart IS your center. It is the center of your being. It is literally the origin of YOU. It is the place from which God created your being out of love. Why in the world wouldn’t you always want to be centered there? Of course you would want that.

The ego wants to constantly distract you away from your heart. It will even go so far as to convince you that your heart is irrelevant and a useless source of anything important. “Let the chaos reign!” says the ego. That way you will never be able to think straight for your entire life, because you will be so busy reacting to the ego’s chaos.

Do you know why the ego does this? It’s because the heart has the actual power. Not the ego’s phony power of fear, that can only use tactics of intimidation to freak you out.

On the contrary, the heart has real power. The power of ongoing, infinite light that emerges from the center of all creation. How’s that for a contrast? Which one do you want to be aligned with?


The Heart is the only thing that can lead us back to love 

Living from the heart brings us closer to the light of god and divine love in a natural, positive spirituality.

Everyone wants to go back to God. Isn’t that true? But how are we supposed to get there? The first thing we have to do is to align with God’s energy and presence. There is only ONE way to do that. And it’s not by aligning with the ego’s chaos.

Common sense will tell you that the only way to align with God’s presence has to be to first experience that presence within yourself. If God is creating and sustaining you right now, which of course that power is, then isn’t it obvious that you already have the deepest possible relationship with that force of love? Isn’t it time to stop saying that God is out there in space somewhere, never to be seen or found by you?

There clearly is a center of infinite love within you, or you wouldn’t exist at all! In this way, we actually are each at the center of the universe because our very existence emerges from that center of divine love that creates all things. The ego has tried to steal this truth from us by causing us to believe that our violent planet is at the center of God’s universe. And thus, according to the ego, we have nothing to worry about.

The heart is the place within you where your very existence originates. It is where you share the breath of God in terms of the creation of your being. It is your only refuge from the storm of this finite world. The heart will calm you and bring you back into the center of truth and divine love.


What is the practical answer to our planetary situation?


The practical answer to our planetary dilemma involves a few steps. Here is a summary of what they are:

  1. We must give up our collective arrogance, fomented by our egos, that we are the center of the universe and therefore indispensable. The truth is that we can have any experience we want, including our collective demise.
  2. We must decide if we have had enough of our false beliefs that haven’t served us, including the one that we are waiting around to be rescued. There is no evidence anywhere that this is how things work, or we would have been rescued a long time ago.
  3. We must stop listening to our egos. The ego exists as a substitute, phantom self that emerges from a belief in the absence of love. It is a voice of chaos, fear, anger,and confusion. It has no center whatsoever, and serves only to distract us from our true center, which is the heart. The ego keeps us constantly off-balance with fear-based reactions to everything.
  4. mindfulness-inner-strength-clarity-empowermentWe must learn to take our hearts more seriously, and stop living as though such a thing is optional. We must stop placing the idea of living from our hearts at the bottom of our list of priorities. We have to stop saying that we are just “too busy” to take the quiet time necessary to get back in touch with our inner truth.
  5. We have to individually decide if we have had enough of this battle and all of the false beliefs that go along with it, so that we can learn to pray effectively. Instead of praying for people to wake up and change their bad behavior, we need to take a more intelligent approach and pray for the elimination of the underlying physics that make such bad behavior possible.  If the principles for bad behavior didn’t exist, there would be no such thing as all of this chaos.
  6. And finally, we need to realize that there are indeed many benevolent forces in this universe trying to help us. But in order to receive that help, we will have to give up our demand that such help conform to our impossible systems of belief. We cannot continue to hold onto our need to rationalize the existence of our plight with all sorts of spiritual explanations, and simultaneously be freed from our pain. We can’t have our cake and eat it, too. We have to get out of our own way.


It is imperative at this point in our evolution that we become intimately familiar with our hearts, and learn to live from that place. It is our only true center. It is the only thing that can light the path and show us the way home.

Take some time each day to find that center within your heart. Ask for help. Stay there as much as you can. Go to that refuge within, and seek the peace, comfort, and clarity of God’s divine love. Take God’s hand from within your heart, and you will indeed be led away from the darkness of our current situation.


What are your thoughts on this topic and on our planetary situation?  Do you think we need a spiritual paradigm shift in order to better align with a solution? Share with me in the comments below.