The Lightworker’s Path

February 21st, 2016 | 28 comments
The Lightworker’s Path

The terms lightworker and life purpose are intimately woven together. Understanding the meaning of the word lightworker can help you to unlock the secrets of your life’s purpose. It can also bring great advantages in living the most fulfilling life that you can.

In its simplest form, you could say that a lightworker is a person who works for the light, or whose intention it is to bring more light and love into the world. At its highest level, it refers to a person who is divinely inspired by God to devote his or her life to making the world a better place.

Many people function as lightworkers, and don’t even know it. To help you better understand this, we can identify three primary levels at which lightworkers function. Understanding these 3 levels can help you a great deal in identifying your life’s purpose. It will also empower your experience, if you already know what your purpose is.

All three of these levels are necessary and important in the world. By understanding them and knowing how you function in relation to each one, you can achieve greater clarity about what you are doing with your life overall, when it comes to your life’s purpose.


Level One

woman making heart shape with hands

Level One is perhaps the most common level. This is a level where people who are basically positive make a concerted effort to bring more happiness and peace into their surrounding environment.

This level consists of people who are primarily concerned with acting as a positive force in the lives of people they know. They bring a healing, loving, empathic energy to those they come in contact with.

They tend to be forgiving in nature and are great listeners. They are likely to pray for others, and extend their good wishes for the welfare of others wherever they go.

Lightworkers who function at this level do not necessarily connect their professions or lifestyles to things that are spiritually oriented. However they bring an elevating energy and higher standard of caring and love into their professions. They are truly great people who generally uplift everyone around them, and act as a positive force in people’s lives.

Is there a downside to this level?

There is only one small downside to functioning only at this level. And this does not apply to everyone, but only to a select few. It applies to those who know that they are meant to function at a more comprehensive level than where they are today, but are afraid to do so due to fears and sensitivities.

The downside to this, if you feel you are capable of more and have a higher calling than your current way of life, occurs when you attempt to rationalize that your presence and energy in your current situation is all that you need to offer the world. Of course this is a positive thing for others, but you may have to live with the nagging feeling that you are not reaching your full potential.


Level Two

teacher addressing class of adults

This level is much more comprehensive than level one, and includes people who have made it a profession (either part or full time) to do something practical and meaningful to help others. It also includes those who volunteer in order to help others who are less fortunate.

People who function at this level may not refer to themselves as lightworkers, but they serve that purpose nonetheless.

woman playing guitar in recording studioSome examples of common professions that are loaded with lightworkers are caregivers, health care workers, rescue workers of all kinds, artists of all kinds, teachers, therapists, public servants, and many more.  In general, these people have devoted their lives to helping others to cope with the many difficult situations that people and animals face in living on planet Earth. These wonderful souls live to promote the overall betterment of humanity.

Those who volunteer and/or donate money to positive causes that better the lives of others are also level two lightworkers.

Spiritual and Personal Development

tarot cards

There is an additional category of level two lightworkers. This consists of people who make a focused attempt to help others expand their consciousness and evolve spiritually in some way. Many of these people are involved in metaphysical professions such as angel card readers, astrologers, healers, and intuitive counselors.

This category also includes people who assist others with their personal growth and development, such as life coaches. It basically includes anyone who is devoted to helping others succeed in life, and reach their highest potential physically and spiritually.


Level Three

public speaker

Level three is the level of trailblazers. These are the people who are willing to promote radical change in collective thought, in a way that furthers our planetary evolution as a species in highly positive ways.

These people are divinely inspired and are willing to challenge the status quo of thinking. They are led by an inner strength that comes with the pure knowing of a far greater potential for humanity.

Such individuals are placed upon this Earth as leaders, by a divine unseen hand of love that is likely connected to the larger stewardship of our planet’s evolution. The most important thing to note about such individuals is that they always operate from the highest context of love for our planet, and love for all who reside here.


How can we each benefit from being aware of all three levels?

woman holding heart-shaped candle in her hands

All three of these levels are absolutely necessary to our planet’s evolution. Each serves an important function and one is not better than the other. We need all three. In fact, there are countless people functioning as lightworkers at level one, who are doing very important work that may not fall into the professional category of level two. Yet these people are incredibly important because they bring their light to so many other areas of life, where it is desperately needed.

In reality, these 3 levels integrate beautifully with one another, and many people actually operate at more than one level simultaneously. In fact, the only reason to separate the path of the lightworker into three different levels is to provide clarity of purpose to anyone who might benefit from that understanding.

The truth is that once you are well on the road to fulfilling your life’s purpose as a lightworker, you are not likely to be thinking about these levels at all.

woman seated and holding white candleSo you can look at these different levels as a tool to further your own understanding of where you are in your own life. Once you feel confident and at peace with your choices, you don’t have to reference them any further. In a natural sense, such things are not so easily divided.

Here is an example of what I mean by that. We often talk about our bodies, minds, and emotions as three separate things. Yet, when we feel in harmony with ourselves on every level, there is no need to view ourselves in this way. When all is harmonious, we experience the actual wholeness of our beings.

But when we feel confused, in pain, or out of harmony in some way, we may naturally separate our view of ourselves into these three parts, in order to better understand what is going on. When we feel well again, we stop focusing on one area over another. We feel whole again.

Likewise, if we are suffering from confusion or doubt about our life’s purpose, it can be helpful to separate our view into these three different levels of understanding. We can look at each level and ascertain where we are in relation to any of them. Then it is easier to see if we want to stay where we are, or make changes.

The important thing to remember is that it is always your choice to participate in your life’s purpose at whatever level you want. You are free to incorporate all of them, or just one. Just remember that all are needed, so wherever you naturally find yourself to be, you exist as an important and necessary contributing force of love on this planet.


hands holding planet Earth in sunlight


Do you find these ideas helpful in gaining more clarity about where you are in life, and where you’d like to be? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below! 

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